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2013 challenges

Hi all
i have put together a list for 2013. As before these are chosen with journalling in mind but we would also love to see cards, altered art, scrapbook pages etc on the themes if you prefer.
I will set up galleries as we go as before.
hope you enjoy these themes and that they get your creative juices flowing! The suggestions are guidelines only -interpret how you wish

Jan -Achievement -anything you have achieved or that someone else has that you find inspiring or amazing.

Feb -a typical day

March -Shopping. Things you like to buy, your favourite shop or maybe what you hate about it

April - Where I live

May - Freedom. What does this mean to you. What would you do if you had more freedom e.g. no finanical worries?

June - Dinner. What you had last night or your favourite meal. Or maybe a disaster

July- Helping. Have you helped someone or been helped.

August - Improving myself.Maybe you are doing a course to learn something. Or is there something you would really like to be able to do? Or perhaps there is something about your appearance you would like to change.

Sept -A recipe. could be your favoutire, one you want to try or maybe one that went really well or really wrong

Oct -A Vehicle and me. Maybe your first car, your favourite way to travel or an unusual vehicle you have been on.

Nov - Hair. How you wear it now or at another time in your life. Routines you have for hair care. Bad hair days

Dec -A room in my house

What great themes Vonny.

   Becky x

Brilliant themes Vonny.  Hope to keep up with this one.

Interesting themes - the rusty cogs are beginning to creak Laughing

Mickie x
margaret rorie

Super themes, Vonny.  I enjoyed these challenges last year and managed to get most of them done.  Margaret Forum Index -> Challenges
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