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An Andy Skinner Workshop

I really enjoyed the Finnabair experience last year and what a fabulous time it was meeting up with Mickie too.

I swithered about going back again this May, but decided perhaps I would benefit more by doing something completely different. I have admired Andy Skinner's work for ages and would really quite like to get into the Deco Art stuff (so many of my DT friends are part of this set).

So the point of this post is:

Anyone know when he might be doing a workshop say around late May or late August/September?
Anyone else interested in meeting up?

I have a free ticket on the ferry and my Rail Card so can travel just about anywhere. I have also earned a free flight with Flybe, so that is an option too.

So .. what do you think ?

When I saw Andy recently, he said he had a couple of retreats booked for somewhere in the far north - he wasn't specific as to exactly where but knew that they were fully booked.  We were hoping we could get him back to Polegate this year.  He also mentioned that following the retreats already booked he would be off to the USA for a series of workshops there.   He does spend quite a bit of time in the US as part of the DecoArt organisation.

Might well be the case that you have to keep an eye on all his blogs to catch him.

If I hear anything I'll let you know and given enough notice, I would be happy to meet up.  I really enjoyed last year's get together.  Anyone else?

Thanks Mickie. I had a good look through his blogs and on Facebook but couldn't see any workshops listed.

Is there anybody else who would be good to see?

I would love to meet up it does depend where cos Keith has to do the driving.

   Becky x

Terry found the flight to Southampton worked very well. It was two Flyube flights so much easier than changing airlines. So something around your area might work.

I would like to meet up too but would depend on when, where and what! Forum Index -> Techniques
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