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Another Glue Question

My fabric book cover is made and pretty well finished with plain pages inside - it actually looks quite good and I'm really pleased with it. Quite a bit of machine sewing but it all went without a hitch.  

I bought some of Tim Holtz's metal flowers and want to put these on the front.  I've coloured them with alcohol inks and a bit of distress embossing powder, but wondered how to stick them on to the calico ?

Any ideas?  

I've looked at all the glue products I have but nothing mentions "for metal".  Googling hasn't helped either.  I don't think I can sew them on either.  I just wondered whether I might have to use Araldite - seems a bit drastic.

Thank you  Very Happy

I would use glossy accents or silicone glue Jennie.

       Becky x

I have had success with silicone glue in sticking metal to fabric.  Also, think hot glue would do the trick,

Mickie x

I know you have sorted this now as the book is finished (what did you use by the way?) However I have some glue that says it is for metal as well as  acryclic accents. It is called "Gloo" by ki memories and I bought it quite a while ago when i was more into scrapbooking. It certainly does work with metal and had a fairly fine nozzle to help with placement. thought this might be useful for future reference.

I thought I had posted on this, but it can't have gone through.

Thank you for all your suggestions.  I tried glossy accents on some spare calico, but it was a bit watery and left a mark as it spread.  And last time I used the heat gun I got everything stuck except the bit I was trying to stick ! So I opted for araldite in the end.  I mixed it up and left it until it was just about ready to harden and used it quickly.  It seems to have worked well and has not left any marks around the cover, or through to the back.  The metal seems to be well stuck too!

I will look out for the Gloo Vonny. Forum Index -> Techniques
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