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Now that I have some; can anyone tell me what I do with it?

I vaguely remember using it to cover all of an ATc which gave it a different colour then it can be polished to a soft shine -think I saw this in Cs but a good while ago. As you know it is a resist and I assume you can stamp into when it is warm. You can pour it in to moulds too.
And make candles  Wink

Now you mention it, I have a vague recollection of something in CS. Think some research is called for when I get a moment.

I do like the smell of beeswax candles so if all else fails, the pellets won't be wasted Wink

On firther thought I might have seen it demo'ed by Hels Sheridan too -perhaps she has a you tube vid or blog to search?

Oh yes - didn't she do something with flowers?  Will have a look when I get a moment, there must be something on her blog.  Thanks for tat Vonny

I've used it in a few ways Mickie - I've  poured it into moulds.  I've also brushed it on a canvas - and buffed it up.  I've also dipped embellishments, like flowers, into it.  Some lovely effects.

I have done the same as Miriam mind you I am snookered now my melt pot is broke I do use a tin foil pie dish but it is not very safe and you can only do small amounts  Sad

  Becky x

didn't know your melt pot had broken Becky- that's a shame as it is a safe way to melt things.

Thank you for your suggestions everyone.  I shall have to try them all - I quite like the feel of the beeswax

Becky what a shame about your melt pot.  I don't get mine out nearly half as often as I should as it does take up a bit of room.  I have successfully used the foil pie dish on odd occasions too but wouldn't recommend it if a lot of melted stuff was needed

I haven't used beeswax for ages but I do love the finish it gives to a canvas. Worth trying on a small ATC first to see if you like it as there is a bit of a knack to getting in on smoothly on a bigger project. You can heat it again with a heat gun to smooth it out, but it can burn yep I did it!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with it Mickie. Forum Index -> Techniques
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