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Challenges for 2012

I wonder what we might set ourselves for 2012?  

I found it difficult to keep up with the Tim Holtz challenge for some reason, but did enjoy taking a technique from the Craft Stamper, although i didn't really keep this up either as individual pieces, but did try and use a new technique in the Circle Book or  other things I was doing.

So what do you think ............... ?

I've been thinking about this too but I have been even less able to keep up! I was wondering if we should try some sort of journal challenge as I have added nothing to my little book. I know Mickie has a book too but don't know if she has started journalling. anyway all you really need need are sheets of thick paper or card and your supplies - these can be punched and then made into a book at a later date. What do you all think?

Oh good - journalling is what I want to do more of.  I started a book when in Ireland last March but haven't done much in it since.

I only got one page done in my little book so far Embarassed

Journalling is something I would be interested in persuing though.  Maybe I would do better in company, so to speak.

As for the CS challenges - I really enjoyed those too.  

I just want it all really Laughing  Laughing

Mickie x

well that's three of us for jornalling and no other suggestions. i did have a think about possible themes while I was away and these could easily be used for scrabook pages, canvesses or even cards/ATCs. so perhaps we could just have it an an open challenge but with themes that fit more to journalling? Here are some suggestions for topics:

3 things in your handbag - and what they mean to you
Favourite childhood TV programmes
Quotes/sayings - especially if they inspire you
Things that annoy you
Favourite clothes/fashion faux pas
Then and now e.g. hair styles, hobbies etc
Family traditions.

If people want to go ahead with this please let me have some other suggestions then i will set them up for each month and we will see how we go!

That sounds great Vonny.  And great themes too:

What about:

Favourite Books
Favourite Music
People of History who Inspire

I got Kate Crane's journal DVDs for my birthday back in August and I've watched them through twice now.  I can certainly recommend them.  Lots of great ideas for getting the paint and pictures on the paper.  Also Scrap 365 the new Scrapbook magazine is doing quite abit of "journalling" style scrapbooking, scrapping the everyday.

thanks for the suggestions Jennie - we actually now have twelve - anyone with any others? Will set the challenge up in the new year.

Thanks Vonny - sorry have not been around to "assist".  However, you do seem to have managed very well without my tuppenceworth Laughing  Laughing

Glad you mentioned Kate Crane's videos Jennie.  I have been wondering if they were really worthwhile getting and now that you have recommended them I think I will indulge - what I saw from her "trailers" I did find quite interesting, I have to say.

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