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Happy Birthday Becky

Belated birthday greetings Becky.  Not sure if there is a thread anywhere else wishing you a happy day.  Certainly I couldn't find it if there is one

So sorry to be late, I have just noticed that my calendar is open on 22 May!  

Am hoping that at least all the cards got there on the right day.

Thank you all for your lovely cards. Love the explanation of your card Mickie I can visualise you crafting with a bottle in your hand   Laughing

   Becky x

Well it is just too easy to knock the glass flying Laughing  Laughing
margaret rorie

Happy belated birthday Becky - I don't have regular internet access here.  Hope you had a lovely day. Margaret

hope you had a good day Becky -perhaps Micke needs one of those non spill cups for kids  Laughing

Laughing  Laughing

That's a good idea 😀😀x

A very belated happy birthday Becky - I hope you had a lovely day.

Sorry to be so late - try as I might I could not get logged into RS at all over the last couple of days.  Sad Forum Index -> General
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