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Happy Birthday Jennie

Happy Birthday have a fab day xx

Many happy returns of the day Jennie.  Trust you are being spoiled rotten.  Have a lovely day
margaret rorie

Many happy returns Jennie - hope you're able to do sone celebrating! Margaret

Thank you all for you good wishes and all your WONDERFUL cards! Terry has been collecting them and so it was a great surprise this morning to open such a heap of cards!

I am having a lovely day playing with my new camera and lens - real photographer stuff this and i haven't done as well as I had hoped, but I am getting there! I had a lovely Skype with my grandchildren Callum and Caitlyn a few moments ago and they both sang happy birthday which just melted me! Terry is cooking at the moment, so yes a wonderful day!

Oh and the best present of all - being able to walk downstairs  Laughing still a little difficult but it is WALKING rather than hopping  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

sounds like a great day Jennie -and hope the meal was lovely too. Glad you are managing to walk -bet the crutches helped with Terry grabbing the post and hiding the cards tho! Laughing Forum Index -> General
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