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Happy Birthday Mickie

Happy Happy Birthday Mickie hope you have a great day doing anything special. xx
margaret rorie

Happy birthday Mickie!  Hope you have a lovely day.

Happy Birthday Mickie!  Apologies for late card - hope you have a lovely day

Thank you for your lovely cards.  So nice to see a selection of hand made cards.  I have fun seeing if I can guess the sender from the handwriting on the envelope and sometimes I get it right  Laughing

Had a lovely day, even the sun shone and then out to dinner in the evening.

glad you had a good day Mickie  Very Happy

Sorry to be so late wishing you a happy birthday Mickie - I do hope you had a lovely day and are still enjoying the lovely cards  Very Happy

Received what I think might be my final card for this year so birthday will last until Easter.  What fun!  

Again, thank you all for your good wishes and those gorgeous cards Laughing  Laughing

Hope you had a great birthday Mickie..... And hope my card arrived (though think it may have been late - sooooo sorry!!)..... Forum Index -> General
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