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Happy Birthday Mickie

I couldn't see if there had been a post for my birthday so here I am to say a
huge thank you to you all for the lovely cards you sent.  They all have pride of place on the mantelpiece

And, yes, Vonny, there was quite a bit of eating and drinking involved - an al fresco lunch with friends (we were supposed to be painting and tried to do both.  Dare I say, the food won for a while and then we got back down to it Laughing  Laughing The evening involved more food and nice bottle of red   Rolling Eyes

Ooh sorry Mickie Happy Birthday hope you had a lovely day did you do anything to celebrate or is that happening at weekend. xx
margaret rorie

Happy belated birthday wishes Mickie - sounds like you had a good day!

Happy Belated Birthday from me too. Not sure where this month is going at the moment!   Glad to hear that you had a lovely day and you enjoyed all our cards.

Hi Mickie Happy Birthday!  Hope my card was nearly on time - one step behind as always...,..

hope you had a fab birthday Mickie -i have been away so rather late with my wishes Forum Index -> General
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