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Happy Birthday Miriam

Happy Happy Birthday Miriam hope you have a lovely day. xx

Happy  Birthday Miriam - I hope you have a lovely day xxx

PS My card will probably not have arrived yet Embarassed I posted it between Christmas and New Year but no post has left the island for the last five days. Hopefully soon!

Hope you had a good day -even tho you were back at work!

Thanks ladies..... I had a lovely day - although I had a migraine Sad  and was at work Sad

We went out for a lovely dinner to a Lebanese restaurant in the evening but my head persisted and I was very sick when we got home.  Still struggling today.

Aside from that, I have been truly spoiled.  Beautiful cards and presents.  A very lucky lady Smile

Belated birthday wishes Miriam.  Glad you had a good day but shame about the migraine spoiling your evening.  Hope it has gone now

sorry to hear that your migraine spoilt your day a bit Miriam. At least the cards and gifts can be enjoyed after the day. i still have all my birthday cards up and they will stay up for a couple more weeks I expect  Smile

More cards arrived today, including yours Jennie.  You are all so talented - I love receiving your cards Smile Forum Index -> General
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