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Happy Birthday Miriam

Happy Happy Birthday Miriam hope you have a lovely day. Do hope you and Dan are both feeling better xxx

Happy Birthday Miriam - do hope you are up to celebrating  Laughing

Happy Birthday ! Hope you are having a lovely day.

Thank you everyone and thank you for the gorgeous cards Smile  They are the only thing making me smile at the moment!

I am full of a heavy cold and sore throat. Will be postponing my celebrating for now!

Dan, also, came down with pneumonia last week and so he has been really poorly too!  Not a very healthy household!

Happy Birthday Miriam ! So sorry to hear of your awful time healthwise but hope you start improving soon. I am sorry to say that I think my card only left Shetland today, although I did post it last week but didn't think about all the days that were not postal days! Sorry about that, hope you get it tomorrow x

sorry to hear you are not well on your birthday -hope you and Dan are taking it in turns to make the tea/lemsip etc and administer TLC.  Get better soon so you can celebrate properly
margaret rorie

Happy birthday Miriam - sorry you haven't been able to celebrate it properly. Hope you and Dan are on the mend.

Oh what a rotten thing to happen on your birthday! Hope your cold soon goes and that your hubby also improves quickly. Birthday greetings x Forum Index -> General
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