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helping out?

You may know that I host an ATC swap at UKStampers. they are currently having problems with the forum and it seems to have been suspended -I have no idea how temporary this is. I was wondering if I could run the ATC swap from here until things get sorted out? We are currently doing a random A-Z so people want to continue with it. Of course anyone here would be welcome to join in too.
Please let me know what you think

I don't see why not but perhaps you should run it by Miriam. xx

Yes probably Miriam needs to give the go ahead as she is the main Administrator and does pay the fee for us all to use the forum.

Would they like to join our swap  Laughing

That's absolutely fine.....  no issue at all Smile

Sorted Laughing

thanks ladies -I will set it up and let them know. I hope that they will take part in our swaps too Jennie -I always think the more the merrier  Smile Forum Index -> General
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