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How do I remove rubber stamp from wooden block?

Have just bought a wooden stamp on Ebay for the next Circle Book, but please could someone advise me as to how best to remove it from its wooden block?  If I hack at it with my craft knife I think I might damage it.

Sarah there was something about how to do this in a past Craft Stamper as Helen (Clinton - she does all the wonderful colourful stuff) was looking for better storage but also used the wooden blocks in a project.  I think she put them in the microwave - BUT DON'T DO IT until I see if I can find the magazine!

I put mine in the microwave for 20 sec and then remove it I always put in on U-Mount afterwards.Some stamps you can peel off without putting in microwave just go careful.

    Becky x

They are very hot when taken out microwave so take care  Smile

  Becky x

Thank you!  Yes I vaguely remember hearing something about microwaving but had forgotten it was Helen Chilton (probably my very favourite CS designer!) But good to get some timing guidelines from you Becky -  I would probably have put it in for several mintutes and melted the whole thing.

I have a look to see if there is a loose connection between the rubber and either the wood or the mount (or both) and then I worry it until it "surrenders" or peels off.

If all fails then I pop it into the microwave for a for a few seconds.  As Becky says though it will come out hot so I remove it from microwave with a plastic egg slice!

I got the idea from a video on YouTube,

Mickie x

Thank you!   Haven't actually got the stamp yet, but I'll be ready now for when I do....

I've heard about the microwave -it works by melting the glue. it would have to get pretty hot to affect the rubber which has to stand a very high temp to be made into a stamp -the wood would probably burn first. the other thing you are told not to do as it can make the rubber part peel off it get the stamp wet, again as it dissolves the glue -so you could try this too  Shocked

Oh my I had fun the other night sitting with all my wooden block rubber stamps by my microwave. My mum and sister thought I'd gone a bit doo-lally. But once I explained about the EZ mount they became more intrigued than worried Smile Lots and lots of space in my rubber stamp box now for lots and lots more stamps! whoop! Thank you everybody for your advice. Forum Index -> Techniques
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