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How to add pictures

I have discovered that you do not need to add pictures using FlickR as we do not pay any money on this forum for band width.

Adding a picture is easy.  All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1.  Go into 'post a reply' on the topic you want to post a picture
2.  Press the 'attach file' box in the bottom left of the reply box
3. Click browse to find the picture you wantto upload on your PC
4.  Select open and size (please see note below)
5. Press upload file
6. Press submit

Your picture will now be uploaded

Note re. sizing of pictures:
The pictures will automatically default at 640x480 (picture 2 in the testing gallery).  If you post a picture that is too big it will look like the 3rd picture in the testing gallery.  If you choose to add the picture as a thumbnail (picture 1 in the testing gallery)  the viewer can click on the picture to enlarge it (probably the preferred option).

Hope this helps Smile

Thanks Miriam will go and try it.

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