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July The Italian Symphony

pasta, pizza, ice cream...see what Italy makes me think of! Lets see how this piece of music inspires you in whatever you wish to make  Smile

Thanks Vonny I've been waiting for you to put tis one up  Laughing  Laughing

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I started off humming the Italian Symphony but by the time I finished the page it turned into On Top of Spaghetti all covered in cheese .......... Rolling Eyes

Laughing  Laughing
seems our minds work in a similar way Mickie. Fabulous page -did you get the food pictures from a mag? Feel hungry now!

I saw that Vicky Papiannou sometimes uses downloaded images in her journalling and thought it worth trying as they can be re-sized to fit the page.  They can also be painted over to give shadows and highlights

they look great  Very Happy

had been thinking about stamps that I rarely use -then found they were more Greek than Italian themed so has to have another think. ended up making this card

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