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You can now add Karma to other forum members - this can be founbd below a members name and avatar

Hi Miriam, I tried to do this but I came up with an error page. Don't know if it is because I am using a Mac.

Embarassed  Embarassed I still haven't found out what KARMA is or means.

Explain Please      Pretty please with sugar on it.


I do endorse Pat's plea.  I had all this karma on SSP.  No idea where it came from and, well I found it all a bit embarrasing.

Mickie x

I tried to give one to Miriam and it did nothing  Laughing I am not really sure what it means but I think it is a way of saying thanks.

  Becky x

I added one to you Becky (thankyou for the Tags!) to try it.  It worked but doesn't show up anywhere until you click to do another and then it shows how many "Karmas" you have.

We probably don't need it here, as we are a great bunch very fully supportive of each other  Smile

I agree we don't really need it but guess we can just not use it. Forum Index -> Forum suggestions
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