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More Thinking Inking Classes

Jennifer MacGuire is doing some more thinking inking classes which were great last summer.  Here is the link to her site and from there you can get to the videos etc.



thanks Jennie, these were really good last time.

Thanks Jennie - really enjoyed this last time round.

Mickie x

That looks good.

   Becky x

just been to watch this. Liked the Waterink background technique

I liked that one too Vonny.  Also, have not got that stamp but do have a couple of scrolls that are unmounted.  Thought I could stick them ogether on an acrylic block and have my own unique stamp Laughing

Mickie x

All her techniques are so "do-able".  I use them all the time and they were the basis of many of my workshops.  I'm looking forward to the rest.  Her blogspot also has a link to all the initial thinking inking workshops.

Google Jennifer MacGuire Ink and you should get it.

Jennifer makes it look so easy!  I am looking forward to catching up on weeks 2 & 3 when I return Forum Index -> Techniques
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