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New Year New Swap?

So....  It's been a while since we had a circle book swap.  I know I was totally useless last year!!

I was wondering whether

1  Anyone is up for a new swap?
2. If so, would you like to do a circle book or something slightly different?

One suggestion I thought is that we pick a stamp and instead of sending it around with the book we use it for each book we receive?   Only a quick thought I've had!!

So - what do you think?!

Sounds like a good idea and I am happy to go with the flow.

   Becky x

I'm up for it:lol:

Would each book have a theme or just be a collection of different stamps Miriam?

Think you must be psychic Miriam - I was just looking through the circle books yesterday afternoon

Miriam i was thinking the same especially as Sarah will be back in the UK!. the idea of keeping our own stamp and using it for everyone's book is quite challenging as it would mean using it in different ways but i think this could be really good for us (well me at least) -might save a little on the postage too. It would mean that people would get a much more mixed book but that could be nice too.
I will be up for either

Yes - I was prompted to think about this with Sarah coming back to the UK!

I have wondered whether it might be fun for us each to make the first page of a circle book with a quote and then everyone use their own stamps to carry on the theme of the quote and stamped page? It does mean that postage is a little less with not sending stamps around.

But happy to go with whatever anyone would like to do.

Oh wow! My head is reeling and I'm full of ideas (today)- whatever is decided I'm happy.

Quite like the idea of using stamps as appropriate, rather than the same one in different ways.  Hope that makes sense

some fabulous ideas....  let's see if there are any more suggestions and we can hopefully get something going upon Sarah's return

I like the quote idea as it would give a theme to the book -and avoid the challenge of using you own stamp in lots of different ways  Laughing

I like that idea too Vonny - in fact I was thinking about it at 1am when I couldn't sleep!! LOL!

you've probably designed a whole book in your head already!

Hope you had a note pad and pencil by your bedside Miriam Wink
margaret rorie

I also like the idea of a quote and would like to do some kind of a circle book again. Margaret

No notepad or pen by my bed - but thankfully I am normally quite god at remembering things!! LOL!!

Vonny - not quite - but I have lots of ideas!

I am totally confused but love the idea and will do as I am told. I am sure Sarah would be up for it.

  Becky x

think we need to know when Sarah will be back in the country?

I tried to explain this to NuttyRachy but I think she is now as confused as you Becky  Laughing

I find that people generally find the concept of a circle book difficult to understand.  I tend to show them one of ours by way of illustration.  Then they worry about their stamp going astray Rolling Eyes

One of the ladies in the book club has taken part in a couple of circle books but they all had/bought the same stamp so there would be no danger of losing it.

To get back to our proposed book, as I understand it everyone has their own theme for their book, i.e hearts.  They decorate their own first page and send it off to the next person with a set of spare pages for the next person to decorate a page with a heart theme, etc.

Is that how everyone else sees it?  Except that we are going to go for a quotation (of our own choice)

Rachel, however we do it, these books are so much fun.  Have a look in the gallery at previous books we have done.  It would be good if you were to join in

yep mickie -that is a good summary. I think the quote idea will give us more food for thought and I would find this easier to choose than a theme I think. Will try to show Rachel one of the circle books .

Think it's a great idea..... will just wait to hear from Sarah then we can get going....  I hope Rachel is able to join. Forum Index -> Swaps
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