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I have just added rankings to the forum.  I haven't managed pictures yet but will try!  They are the same rankings as previous, apart from the first which I have called Newbie!

Hope you like this, I thought it would be a bit of fun!

You are doing great Miriam I know I could'nt have done it thank you.

    Becky x

Well done Miriam, I would not have known where to start!  

thank you

Mickie x

This is great - and see you have your picture. hope I can still find my sheep photos!
Vonny x

Looked for my avatar last night but no joy so far!

Like the size of the pictures here - you can see who you are looking at!

Might have to find another picture

Mickie x

What are the rankings?  Sorry, bit dense.

I'll try for a picture of me this time.  As we are a small group I don't mind - wasn't so keen on a public site.  Always nice to put a face to a name, so put a photo on of yourselves ladies!

I can't get a photo any less than 13.5 kb.  How did you get yours to 8kb Miriam? Forum Index -> Forum suggestions
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