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I am a recent convert to EZ Mount type backing for my unmounted stamps and as you can all imagine I have a fair few stamps to mount.

I read somewhere that prior to cutting the stamps and mount out, to sprinkle some talc on the gluey area around the rubber and this does make the whole process much easier.

However, my scissors have got into an awful mess, to the extent that they became unuseable.  I tried various methods of getting the gloop off the blades with no success and then I accidently knocked a tin of lighter fuel over and the spout opened and the liquid dropped onto the scissors.  I grabbed a piece of kitchen towel to mop up the mess and, guess what?!  The gloopy stuff just slid off the scissors and they were as good as before I started cutting out the EZ Mount type stuff.

Mickie x

Lighter fuel on the shopping list then  Laughing

I use the Tim Holtz scissors for doing the EZ Mount, but I draw around the stamp first on the yellow side and cut it out around the marked area, then stick the stamp on.  Seems to work with very little trimming and its easier to cut as you have the yellow sticker still on.

Mind you I just love doing square stamps  Laughing So easy!

I use non-stick scissors for my u-mount I use nail varnish remover to clean my scissors or I stick them in a mug with boiling water and washing up liquid.

   Becky x

Fab tip!  I often use nail polish remover too!

I have tried putting a bit or reinker for embossing ink pads on the blades. This can help with genreal stickiness. And clean with white spirit or Staz-on cleaner. Haven't tried with EZ mount tho as i use it very rarely Forum Index -> Techniques
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