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Don't know how your store your ATCs. I use folders made for cards that are swapped by children e.g. football cards. i got another one on Friday from Tesco where there are a number of different types of cards. they basically have clear pages with 9 pockets on each for ATC sized cards. You get the folder and other bits and pieces too -mine was 3.99 and I gave the footabll bits to my friend for her grandson!

I use the same Vonny have quite a few now I also had some loose ones but not sure where they have gone. x

I did buy loose ones at one time but they were quite expensive.

I have some in a tin Rolling Eyes  Most are in binders though.  Hadn't realised you could get these in Tesco, so thanks for that Vonny

just look in the magazine section -probaly the kids part. should be in any supermarket/newsagents -got my first one in Sainsbury's a couple of years ago.

Thanks for the tip off Vonny - I need a new one!  I've had a couple of ATC folders for ages and they are now full! Forum Index -> General
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