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Stuck in a rut...

Have been looking through my Xmas cards and have noticed that they are really different to other cards I make with regard to technique. They nearly all are basically heat embossed images layered up with mats. No inky/painty backgrounds, stencils, masks or raised embossing that I use all the time in my general cards  -it's like I have one mind set only for Xmas  Sad
So...I am challenging myself to use some different techniques to make a couple of Xmas cards. I aim to make backgrounds first then add the images and am not going to think about xmas colours either.
Will post below..and anyone who would like to join me please feel free and post your 'different' Xmas cards here  Very Happy

I will give that a go Vonny I totally agree with you and I think that is why I am struggling with xmas cards because they are not me if that makes any sense. I have decided not to do Xmas cards any more just a few for special people so this will be a better challenge for me. x

ok -had a go this morning and am much happier with the results. i did backgrounds first then cjose the images to go on top!

These 2 I already had backgrounds done

Click to see full size image
These I started from scratch -my favourite is the Winter Wishes one

Click to see full size image

Well I like them all Vonny Laughing

thanks Mickie -might even try this with the challenge as the one I have made I am not happy with Forum Index -> Challenges
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