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Tim Holtz

Has anyone been following Tim Holtz's sneak peeks of new products that will be launching at the trade show this month? So far he's done stamps, stencils and dies. Very little so far that I really liked the look of thankfully.

I saw some of the stamps and watched the dies yesterday which look really nice
he is a clever bloke and I wish I had his studio, x
margaret rorie

I've just watched his preview of dies today - there are a couple that I might be tempted to buy! He's certainly branching out.

Haven't seen anything that really has me running for my card Very Happy  Don't think I shall be buying any more TH at present.

I quite liked a couple of his new stencils and dies but won't be rushing out to buy.  

Ranger take so long to send stuff out that by the time we see these items in the shops we will have forgotten and it'll be like seeing them for the first time again!!

Do hope we get to see VT of his demos at CHA though.

Must say that I was rather taken by a lot of vintage ones ... as Mickie says they take ages anyway to get here and will be released over the year so I expect we shall see them in a different light later!

I had awful problem trying to watch the sneak peeks yesterday so gave up will try to catch up with it later. Forum Index -> General
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