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use tissue paper

ok -I tried tissue paper from Partners and the Range and stamped on both the shiny and the Matt side and also a single layer of facial tissue. I used Mod Podge and PVA -the PVA was pretty thick so I did water it down.

these were all layered on to an acrclic painted background

None of the images totally disappered. the best was the facial tissue with watered down PVA -and it does make sense to me that a watery glue would be better. Often the edges looked worse than the actual image although these had been torn and i think cutting round the image might have made it tidier. the mod Podge was also much shinier than the PVA and I don't think i would like this on odd areas of a page (before i covered everything which meant losing any syamping with dye inks!)

The Range tissue didn't blend at all well.

Is there a glue you can use over dye inks?
I think there is a matte Mod Podge  -but do you have other suggestions?

Hopefully this will be of some help Vonny.  Helen Chilton reckons we don't have to use any special tissue and even the stuff your wine bottles are wrapped in will work fine!  Also, the non shiny side is allegedly more absorbent so probably best to stamp on the shiny side.  However, I tend not to be too careful about which side I do things on and it doesn't seem to make all that much difference anyway!

Have a look in my gallery on page 9, towards the bottom there is a picture of a green and yellow box that has been covered in stamped and coloured tissue.  The tissue we used here came from a stationary store in the gift wrap department and I have used tissue of any sort since.  You don't see the joins on the box because the tissue is torn.  However, if you look in the drawer you will see that the tissue has been cut.

The glue we used was PaperArtsy Satin Glaze - this is lovely to use and you might say watery, but anything that dries clear will do the job nicely so don't think you have to get Satin Glaze if you don't have any.  The tissue has to be well covered on the inside and you will find it becomes a little fragile.  Carefully place it in position on your item and using brush loaded with more glue gently "paint" the tissue into its final resting place (!).

Colouring is best done on the back - it will show through once the glues have dried.

As to dye inks, I haven't a clue I'm afraid.  I always use Archival or Stazon (if I have to!) to stamp the image and then either acrylic or chalk paint to colour with.  Incidentally if you do use paints then once you have your colouring done, cover it with white before applying glue.  The white makes all the colours pop.

Sorry to be so long winded Vonny - expect your eyes have glazed over reading this   Laughing
margaret rorie

When I was at Jennie's workshop we used Claudine Helmuth's multi Matt medium to stick our napkins - you can also paint this over the tissue paper. As for tissue paper Jennie recommends something called tissutex which you can get from an online art shop called George Weil. I didn't buy it as it the postage to Shetland was astronomical! Hope this helps. Margaret

I use the same as Margaret the multi medium or glue and seal by Inkssentials and I use any old tissue clean of course  Very Happy

    Becky x

thanks everyone -and it didn't make my eyes glaze mickie!
will go and look at your projects

becky I'm glad to hear you use clean tissues!!!

will try over a more decorated background next time I  have a playtime

Hi mickie
Looked at your boxes -forgot how lovely they are! I can see that there is a bit of a halo around the stamped image -more so on the yellow box, which is what i am getting most of the time. Can't see the drawer you mentioned??

More practise reuired by me!

Think you might have been looking at the wrong box Vonny.  It is confusing as there are a trio of boxes up the page and down the page there's the yellow and green box (much larger than the trio), which is decorated with Lynne Perella ladies.

Not sure it is possible to ruin practice Laughing Hang in there, it will come and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about

I tend to use normal tissue.... and the key is Staz On as it prevents any blurring or halo effect.

I use multi-matt medium or glue and seal

Vonny just found this conversation and had the same problems you had and found that the best way to get rid of the edges and halo effect was to cut close to the stamped image. My edges never disappeared otherwise even when torn. The only time it doesn't matter is if you are using a whole sheet/piece of tissue that can be wrapped around the project.

If the item I am decorating is small then I will use a piece of tissue the same size and stamp multi images on the tissue but paint the item - does that make sense? As mentioned colour on the back of the tissue then the adhesive won't smudge the colouring.
I have used dye inks and then brushed diluted pva glue over the top but I do use a heat gun to dry the ink first.

I have just read back through these posts too -I have now used Rangers multi matt medium and tissuestock which is a waxed tissue (can get it from Paperartsy I think) and these so work well together with a permanent ink and acrylic paints. I don't think there is any medium that you can use over Distress inks as they are water based and so react.

If it is of any help; you can use clear masking fluid over DI products.  Coat each area separately.  Clear Masking Fluid Is Permanent but if you wanted to you can stamp over with Archival Ink.

I also use Tim Holtz Distress micro Glaze with success.

As to tissue paper - anything goes - it really does. My preference is the tissue that they wrap you wine bottles in (if you can find an Off Licence nowadays).  Otherwise the tissue wrapping paper they sell in WHS

I still only use Satin Glaze (PaperArtsy) or Liquitex fluid medium.  I think the clue is in the word fluid.  I find Mod Podge or any other PVA type medium to be too heavy for the tissue leaving it more likely to tear and can give a lumpy finish

thanks Mickie -seems the medium is more important then the tissue then  Smile Forum Index -> Techniques
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