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Morning ladies have the weeks got lost can;t believe I am posting wW1/Y6.
It is sunny here but no heat I am having my hair done this morning and then back to finish a journal page this afternoon have to sort some craft stuff to take away next week.
If you were going away for a week what crafting things would you take?
margaret rorie

I have tried taking stuff on holiday but usually end up frustrated as I haven't got a particular stamp!  The wee distress inks are good and I sometimes take watercolour pencils and some ready stamped images.

Did a couple of cards for challenges yesterday so must get them on my blog now. Then need to go to a charity shop with lots of books as we're de-cluttering. Finally got hubby to part with lots -  mind you I love books too and don't like getting rid of any but it does seem silly to keep them when you won't read them again. Must stop buying books!

Happy Year Six everyone!!

Becky I take an A5 journal/sketch book in which I have stamped some images, one of those stencils with lots of different bits on (7x7 max) a tin of watercolour pencils (then you get a choice of whether to just colour in dry or paint wet), a couple of drawing pencils, a rubber, a pencil sharpener and an old envelope to sharpen into in case there's no suitable bin, water brush and a couple of markers to write with if needed.  All housed in a see through zip bag.  Boots do a set of three bags that are meant for your soaps, flannels, etc and cosmetics,  I like these bags because you can see what is in them and for my holiday journal kit I use the middle size bag.

Looks like another lovely day out there - think I'll go shopping for tonight's dinner and then prune a rose bush while it is still warm Laughing

Good for you de-cluttering the bookshelves Margaret.  I did mine some time ago because I only buy books on the Kindle nowadays.  However, when I started the art class I also started buying art books so am back to square one Rolling Eyes
margaret rorie

I know the feeling Mickie! A few years ago I decided to borrow books from the library or buy books for my kindle but then I joined the Victorian novels book group and you need a real book to refer to! I tend to buy these second hand though and have got a few nice old books.

I do take more or less the same as you all although like Margaret I always want a stamp that is at home  Laughing  I have had a de-clutter threw some craft mags out I had some from 2008 never look at them so in the bin they went I am hoping Keith does the same but it is like waiting for a bus to come
We are off out today to get some shirts for Keith and then going to tea with Zoe and co. x

Good luck with packing stash Becky. It is normally a little easier for me as I just take sailing/sea themed bits and pieces. Although I did go to Rome with an A5 little folder packed with some text paper, tags and glue and then used bags and napkins which I picked up each day. It is rather a lovely journal as I managed to find some amazing bits and pieces!

Well it really is a grey day here. I had hoped to get outside to take some photographs with my new camera but despite the high pressure no sunshine  Crying or Very sad

I do sympathise with decluttering. I can actually do it (sometimes) but have to be in the mood for a real throw out. I have a large file folder from Teco's which holds 24 CStamper magazines, so one goes in and one comes out each month. It works quite well. I have a little read of the one going out and sometimes get some good ideas. Terry is a terrible hoarder - he has classic boat magazines going back to number 1 and it has been going for about 20 years! I am sure they are on repeats or the boats have sunk, but he won't part with them.

And yes today I can share my news - I am on the team for PaperArtsy !!! I am quite gob smacked as they approached me after my Guest DT. I won't be active until November but I have already got all the new Christmas colours and will be making samples for the releases in the New Year. Possibly .. even do a demo at Ally Pally next year if I can get down. So all very exciting   Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Rubbing shoulders with some amazing people at the moment!

that is brilliant news Jennie.  I had a feeling it might be the southern one.  Can't wait to see what you do and when you get to Ally Pally we will all be there for you Laughing   So next stop, we shall await your Eclectica stamps Laughing

wow Jennie -well done you -will definitely visit Ally Pally just to see you!! What a lovely birthday present for REbel Stampers. Sounds like you get some free stash too  Very Happy  Very Happy

I normally just take knitting o holiday but have been thinking about making a mini journal with 8 pages so I could do a quick journal per day and a highlight. Haven't got any further than thinking this -can see watercolour pencils would be a good option -and aim to practice Zen Tangle as you can just do that as you go. Looking our for itmes on the holiday would be a good focus too.

Have to admit to having all the Craft Stamper mags from the first one!! I do however have a cull of other mags so I have room for new ones -last time most of the jewellery making ones went to Craft and Coffee for other folk to enjoy.

Was rather a busy day yesterday but I enjoyed it -next time i won't arrange a craft session ont he same day as the Craft and Coffee evening. Leg is doing well -most of the scabs ar off so aim to start swimming again next week.

The bay leaves came out tan/peach/brown not greeny grey but nice anyway -will post pic once dry. I had not heard of using them and had just cut the bush back so had a go.
Having an easier day today and tomorrow it is a daytime craft and coffee session!

I think we are having an Indian Summer - this is the fourth day with warm sunshine.  Had our Friendship Supper yesterday evening, which was very nice.  We all arrived carrying our food contribution and cardies.  We left wishing we had brought coats. Laughing It was a lovely evening and I am still full.  This is unfortunate as am going with some friends to the new Indian restaurant on the sea front tonight.  Definitely take a coat

Vonny I got rid of all my Craft Stamper mags a couple of years ago - they were taking up too much room so now I just keep the last two years - well that was the plan but I see the pile looks a bit higher than 24 magazines worth Laughing   Any other magazines I might buy are read, anything of interest cut out and filed and what's left of the magazine recycled almost immediately

I like the sound of tan/peach/grey Vonny.  Look forward to the photo

Enjoy your day everyone - have you come back to earth yet Jennie? Laughing
margaret rorie

Congratulations Jennie - will have to go to Ally Pally if you're going to be there! We could have a Rebel Stampers get-together?!

I tend to cut out articles from Craft Stamper and file them with the plan of trying out new techniques - often this doesn't happen!

Sounds like you're all busy - I'm starting another module of my Viking Studies course tomorrow - this time on runes and Old Norse. Looking forward to it but not sure about how to fit it in. I've also got some yoga workshops with a tutor from South. Should be good.

love the idea of runes Margaret -enjoy. Love the idea of a Rebel stampers get together at Ally Pally.  Very Happy  Very Happy

Mickie -sounds like you are having a foodie week. Evenings definitely colder now.

Spent all day sorting our paers and inserts for Craft and Coffe and didn't even spend 5 minutes doing anything of my own -will have to make up for it next time.

Morning free tomorrow then volunteering -making aperture cards filled with strips of coloured paper

How lovely - Rebel Stampers gathering at Ally Pally - Margaret will read the runes for us all and Jennie will inspire us with her demoing  Laughing  Laughing

Had a super meal tonight - the venue was changed and we went to an established Indian restaurant that has obviously changed hands and for the better!  However, am going to the new Indian Restaurant tomorrow anyway - Just as well that Indian is one of my favourite foods Wink  Wink

Your aperture cards sound fun Vonny

Congratulations Jennie that is great news and a reunion at Ally Pally sounds good to me you are going to be very busy just think of all the new things you can play with.
Can't sleep so a early morning for me got physio this morning the change some jeans I brought then to Keith's Mum to check on her then home to finish packing and that is my day. X

Phew!  Am exhausted for you Becky Laughing

I'm saving myself for tonight so having been to see my sick friend this morning I shall spend the afternoon with a little light crafting.

It is a beautiful day here - 23 degrees along the marsh road so just a little cooler at sea level.

Morning ladies well we are all set to leave will see you later Vonny x

Had a lovely time catching up with Vonny and Mike and now at Days inn just off to find some food. Vonny is having puter problem so if she is not around you know why she was hoping to be sorted out today. x

Good morning and Good evening Becky - just you on here today - its a bit like the Marie Celeste Laughing Expect you had a lovely catch up this afternoon.

Hope computer probs have now been sorted Vonny.  

I'm getting ready for a book class tomorrow.

What's everyone else doing?
margaret rorie

I'm off to watch the rest of the first lecture of my course - think it's going to be good. Have a busy day tomorrow with yoga in the morning then lunch with the yoga folk followed by my Saturday Slaughters book group then another meal with a friend before she goes off on the ferry for her holidays. Isn't it funny how you have nothing on for ages then lots on the same day?

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Beautiful day yesterday and now today, it is raining although not cold.  No wonder we have such a green and pleasant land Laughing

Yesterday's book went well.  This time everyone got it right and, again, the decoration was awesome

Hope you are all having a good weekend Forum Index -> General
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