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Here some another year for us!
Also back to school for most kids round here so it seemed much busier earlier in the morning today.
Line dancing in the morning then some housework -at least it isn't so hot

Morning all well year 7 can't really believe it we have been together for quite a few years now. Back home now had a lovely time That's Crafty is a great shop spent rather a lot of money I had been good and sold some stamps beforehand so I didn't feel guilty but guess I will have to have another clear out   Laughing. Colchester Zoo is brilliant well worth going to the kids loved it they fed the Giraffes and Elephants . x

good that you sold some stuff to fund your new purchases Becky -I do think you need to make the most of bricks and mortar shops as they are so few and far between and need support. I find it very hard to visual the size of stamps on line and rarely buy like this.
Glad you got to feed the animals and had a great time.

Been shampoojng the carpet in the PC/craft room so only just back in -it's nearly dry now at least.

I do agree with you Vonny I do buy a lot on line as there is no where around here my shop I use to use has gone into dies now so not a lot for me there. But it a good excuse to have a couple of days away and visit craft shops but it does cost more as you have a good look around  Laughing. Have had a bad night so up early taking Mum to a hosp appt and then Tesco and then home where I can stay till Monday. xx

Goodness!  Almost another week gone.  What have i been doing?  Don't know but must have been enjoying myself Laughing

Oh how could I forget?  Went to Windsor Castle on Monday.  Saw the changing of the guard too.  It was lovely to see as much of the interior as we did - people must have been very fit in days of yore; the corridors seem endless but the ballroom was quite small.  Wink

Also went to Savill Gardens  really lovely, calm and peaceful.  They have an exhibition of 60 sculptures dotted about and of course i had to see them all.  Now I'm quite surprised that my hip is whinging.  

Slept very well that night  

Vonny you are right we do need to support the bricks and mortar shops where we can.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday Becky - enjoy your rest now for what's left of the week

the gardens sound gorgeous Mickie -seeing all 60 sculptures must have taken some doing  Smile
Did the ironing this morning as been putting it off. Went to art and craft group this afternoon but most people were at a sports session so it didn't happen -came home via the charity shop to drop off a load of books then came home and did some spinning instead. Quilting group tomorrow

managed to get a lot done at my quilting group today.
A friend is coming round tomorrow to craft and chat which is always fun.

Gosh Mickie you did a lot glad you enjoyed it though do you find you look at art in a different way since you have been doing your courses. Enjoy your crafting day with your friend Vonny.  It is tipping down here and I have put a load of washing on. We are staying in all weekend which I am looking forward to. xx

Wow is it really our seventh birthday !!! How time flies. As has this week, so I am sorry not to have been around. We've had friends staying all week who we had lost touch with over 30 years ago. They found us by searching for us on the internet and found some of my work, then the blog and finally an email address! Isn't that amazing. I don't think we have stopped talking since Tuesday morning when they arrived! Terry and Graham used to work together and we were all neighbours just after we married until we came up to Shetland. First babies born together etc. ..... It really is as though those 30 years haven't existed. A true friendship.

Hope you  have all had a good week too. Panto should start settling down a bit soon (I hope!!) and i'll be around a bit more hopefully. Have a great weekend, the sun is shining here  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

I'm in all weekend too - need to catch up with swaps and also practice some watercolour, with which I still struggle Rolling Eyes

So that I don't get distracted I have bought a supermarket meal deal so no need to cook Laughing

Becky, I find am much more tolerant of what I don't connect with, i.e the brick installation at Tate Modern. For me it remains a pile of bricks but I do appreciate that time and thought went into their arrangements.  I have an arty friend who absolutely raves about them.

Always good to work with a friend - you get much more done I find. Enjoy your day Vonny

What a fantastic thing to happen Jennie - not surprised you never stopped talking; 30 years catch up. Wow

Glad you've got sunshine. I think we'll be getting Becky's rain when she's done with it Wink

how amazing to meet up with people from 30 years ago Jennie -no wonder you didn't stop talking Smile
Had a good time with my friend -she was sewing name tapes into her grand daughters first school uniforms and I was making a padded wrap to go round my seat belt to stop the edge cutting into me . Mike did a little card making and cooked some chicken for lunch too. Tomorrow we may go to an open day at a local mill -something a bit different Forum Index -> General
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