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Morning all we have sun and no rain yippee taking Mum to hosp for check up on her eye  after cataract op. Had a fab time with Libby on Sat she is so funny love her to bits. What are you all up to x

Me and Libs

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Love your new photo Becky.  Hope your mum's post op went as planned.

It has been sunny here too but with an accompanying wind.  Hope we are not in for a full blown gale (no pun intended).

Last watercolour class for this year.  Hurrah!  Onto acrylics next week which will be much better for me.  Although I am going to a watercolour club on a Thursday morning now so shall get some regular practice in and one day............  I live in hope Wink

Think I'll do a little light crafting this afternoon to take my mind off it Laughing

Morning all Hosp very pleased with Mum she has recovered more sight than expected so now it is the other eye to be done our appt was 4 we left at 6-30  then went shopping so having a quiet day today. The wind has calmed down and it is dry. x
margaret rorie

Love your new photo Becky and glad your mum's op was a success - it must make such a difference to get an improvement in your sight.

Better day here today - at least it's brighter and dry. Yesterday was very dark all day!

Haven't done any crafting for a while but I've signed up for an online class on "holiday" cards - watched the first lesson this morning and really liked the techniques. One card involved watercolouring over embossed snowflakes - very effective so think I will try this.

that sounds good Margaret so we will watch your gallery for some samples when you can get started again
Glad to hear about your mum Becky  Smile
Been to knit and natter in the library again -nice group of ladies with quite a few younger ones -most groups I go to everyone is at least 50!
Now off to finish my tag and perhaps make a card or two..

The young ones don't seem to have time for groups nowadays.  So many are disbanding locally it is a shame.  Groups used to be a meeting place and you do need to meet with and have younger friends as well as your contemporaries.  

Cold and windy here today after a warm but wild night.  Weatherise that is....... Rolling Eyes  Of course the rain has not really let up, just spits and spots alternating with stair rods.

I've just about got all the kits ready for my ladies tonight.  With all this preparation I hope it all goes as planned Laughing  They will be making wallets to house gift cards or tokens or even money!

Good news about your mum's eyes Becky

hope the wallets went well Mickie  Very Happy
shopping, hair cut then lunch today and a little bit of knitting when I got back ..and another day almost done!

Wallets went well and everyone assured me they had had a good evening.  There was certainly much laughter and some nice wallets were made.  The best one was by a lady, who it turned out can hardly see!  For all I thought they were simple to make, it seems they were not so it was gone ten by the time we were all done and packed up.  

Certainly I was tired by the end and then when I finally got to bed I found I couldn't sleep Rolling Eyes  I have therefore had a very slow lazy day catching up with my tv viewing and doing the laundry.

A quick post to say I am back having had a wow of a weekend with Andy Skinner - well and lots of other folk too  Embarassed I will post a picture of what we did as soon as the weather gets a bit brighter !

Helping out with the play these last couple of nights: on the door and tonight in the kitchen, but very disappointed that ferries have been cancelled tomorrow night due to ABIGAIL as we were off to see the grandchildren. It is a bad storm, so not sure when we will get away. Lots of thunder and lightening forecast so I'm just going to switch the computer off.

What a lovely photograph of you and Tegan Becky - so glad you have so much fun. And so pleased to hear that your Mum's op was successful. My aunt has had hers done but it doesn't seem to be working that well.

Right off to bed ! shattered !!!!

So pleased you had a great time away Jennie and looking forward to seeing what you did Brenda has posted the Andy Skinner one and it was lovely.
The photo is me and Libby Jennie we were crafting.
Glad the wallets went ok Mickie.
We have rain back and looking grim out there but I am staying in but think I will be having a lazy day. x

it's amazing how hard people can find something that you think is quite simple -but sounds like everyone enjoyed making wallets Mickie.
Glad you had a good time Jennie -not that you get a rest once you are home. sorry that your visit is delayed.
Have been sewing this morning which makes a change- started in lovely sunlight but the rain soon started -tho the sun is out again at the moment. Haing dinner at my parents house this evening so will be catching up.

Looking forward to the photos Jennie.   It must have been a fabulous weekend.

Wind and rain today but very interesting skies - I really ought to go and take some photos but having just got in I think I'll stay in the warm Wink

Might be going for a crafty play day at Polegate tomorrow so need to charge the batteries.

Morning hope you had a lovely time. At your play day Mickie. We went to a folk evening yesterday it was lovely today we are over at Dad's  today some of the family are around so catching up although the way I feel I would rather be at home crafting. X

Payday was good.  We did our usual; I got them started on a full size mini album and I did the same one but in miniature, which funnily enough takes just as long to do as the mini.

The weather wasn't too bad on the way there but on the journey home I felt I should have strapped an outboard motor to the back of the car and sailed home.  

It was a wild and woolly night too so haven't slept much.  Shall have a quiet relaxing day catching up with the telly I think

Enjoy your day catching up with the family Becky Forum Index -> General
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