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Morning all on a cold and frosty morning think winter has arrived. Hope you all had a good weekend I know I did and I didn't leave the house. Off to see Dad today and then have to get a pressie out youngest grandaughter Molly decided to break her collarbone she is nearly 2 bless her and we will see her tomorrow, hope you all have a good Monday. xx
margaret rorie

Sorry to hear about your granddaughter Becky - hope she makes a quick recovery.

Sarah - so glad your house is okay. It must have been really worrying when you are so far away.

It's cold here today too but at least it's dry.  I managed to get my Xmas cakes made at the weekend. I made a few small ones which I will give away as presents.

I was at my Viking lecture this afternoon. The module lasts for 12 weeks and consists of a lecture and associated reading each week. The theme this week was the Vikings in Ireland then we move on to the Hebrides and then religion. I'm very impressed with the quality of these courses and am really enjoying them. Although my sister thinks I'm mad!

Hope your granddaughter's collar bone heals quickly and doesn't give her too much trouble in the process Becky.  Poor little mite.  However did she do it?

Glad you are enjoying the Vikings Margaret - it is good to learn something new, it keeps the cogs whirring

The topic this week at the Art Class was perfume bottles - took me ages to do a small painting of a Chanel No 5 bottle - we're doing Christmas cards next week.  Maybe that will drum up a bit of excitement  Wink

In theory I have two days at home now - sounds good to me Laughing

Mickie painting glass must be very hard with the reflections and transparency -hope it went ok!
Hope your granddaughter gets mended soon Becky -I'm sure she will like a present  Smile
Margaret -your course does sound interesting -but I must admit hard work too.
knitting group and stitching group today. In tomorrow and doing some quilting.

Saw Molly yesterday and she is fine until she moves it a certain way and then we had tears she is going to fracture clinic tomorrow but yes she did like her pressie and the chocolate buttons I got them.
Enjoy your 2 days in Mickie if you get them I am in today yeah had a long day yesterday so not sure how much I will get done,
You seem to have been doing the Vikings for ages Margaret I couldn't cope with all the reading and essays you have been doing
Enjoy you club Vonny you are all so busy. xx

Having a quiet day today at home - sorted out all my bags I take to art classes/venues - the number of bags was growing too big for my little house - I thought it might be easier to have a bag for each medium, silly me Rolling Eyes

Art supplies are like your craft supplies; they just increase, magically, all by themselves.  Couldn't possibly have bought all that!  

Vonny, let's just say that I'm glad we are not doing glass next week.  Having said that I have been wondering about painting the picture again but in acrylics or perhaps pastels.  I'm a sucker for punishment, that's for sure

Miserable day here - think it must have rained all night and everything out there looks sopping wet - doesn't feel so cold though

Hoping to catch up with my November birthdays today.  Wish me luck

Have fun whatever you are all doing

Well panto shenanigans go on with more problems, but trying to take a deep breath every day and just get on with it ! I decided that I needed some welcome craft time for ME rather than DT pieces so I had great fun yesterday afternoon making a tag for a couple of challenges and I am going to do the same this afternoon.

Enjoy your time at home Mickie ! your life is definitely full. I did laugh about the bags for each medium ......  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Hope Molly gets on ok Becky. Terry got his plaster off last week and is finding it strange moving his wrist and thumb around. No sign of any physio yet - there's an eight week waiting list.

Afternoon all....

Hope your granddaughter is ok Becky.  Likewise, I hope the panto issues get resoled Becky.

Margaret - your Vikings course sounds fascinating.  I love history in that sense!

Mickie - your glass painting sounds good.  I think all crafters are the same- stash just grows!  

Vonny - hope the knitting group has gone well.

I had a very long day in Birmingham yesterday.  Went into work thsi morning and then come home to work from home for the rest of teh day.  I'm tired from yesterday!

Mickie -hope your sorting has helped -just moving things round makes you feel you have a bit less  Very Happy
Hope Molly mends quickly Becky and Jennie I'm sure the panto will be alright on the night1 do you ever think of giving it a miss one year? Glad you got time to do some me crafting.
glad you managed a shorter day to catch up a bit Miriam.
Made some paper clay Xmas decorations with my group today -lots of squishing and mixing paint and glitter in then using cutters to make the shapes. Next session we will add some beads to a few as well as doing a xmas card

Oh we only do every other year Vonny! and I haven't produced for the last four years so I have it easy really ...........  Laughing A good rehearsal tonight however 34 people, a pianist, drummer and double bass player in a relatively small room (Margaret you know how big the Drama Room is!) was pushing it a bit!  Here's me overseeing one of the music numbers!  I have a thing about watching feet! It's one of the main things the audience sees ....... !!!!

Click to see full size image

This was our last night in the Drama Room, we move into the Theatre on Saturday - yay!

The Christmas Decorations sound lovely Vonny. And I hope Molly is feeling a lot better now Becky.

Jennie this Panto looks set to be fantastic with all the "problems" beforehand.  Hadn't realised it was every two years

Your group must have had a super time Vonny - the decorations sound like a lot of fun to make

The sorting did help to highlight what a load of stuff I carry around needlessly.  Combined handbag, kitbag and easel is still a bit of a weight to carry, especially if I'm doing acrylics, so am looking into buying a trolly of some sort.  Then there's the problem of getting it into my car.......................  Rolling Eyes

It is a beautiful day down here.  I woke up to the radio telling me it was misty and somewhere between 7 and 9 degrees.  Thought I was dreaming still as it was the bright sunshine that woke me

Have fun Mickie I still end up taking loads of stuff to club and don't use half of it so it must be worse for you taking paints,easel etc.
Took Dad for a walk yesterday took him up to the chapel where he said a prayer and then we went and got a paper and then took him back to the ward he was tired but happy. I am having a day in and hopefully the weekend,

Becky that sounds like a lovely time you spent with your Dad -simple things that give a lot of pleasure  Smile
I hadn't realised the panto was every 2 years either Jennie - love the picture, thanks for sharing. Mt friends son plays the double base -not the most portable of instruments  Laughing
Mickie -one problems with fixed trolleys are that you have to lift them in and out of the car (and they tend to be very heavy as they have ALL your stuff in) -if you can get something that you can take into sections or one you load your bag/box onto once it's out of the car it can help avoid this problem.
At sewing group today and started piecing some blocks for a half bed quilt -got quite a lot done so pleased.

Morning all it is pouring down here so rather pleased I don't have to go out although had a phone call from Dad at 10 last night wanting to discharge himself and go home so guess I will have to cope with that great fun. xx

Oh dear Becky - feel for you

Its pouring down here - hope you all are having better weather

Thanks for the advice Vonny - it looks like these trolly thingies are fine so long as you walk everywhere!

Hope you are having a quiet relaxing weekend Miriam - recharging the batteries,

Going to an art exhibition this afternoon - happily the theme is not water although as it's landscapes I daresay some water might get in there.  Going in a friends car - hope its amphibious Laughing  Laughing

poured here too in the morning but only drizzling later.
Spent the day making ATCs and Xmas cards -just right for the weather! Forum Index -> General
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