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Afternoon ladies late on today been crafting and done a tag and birthday card so not bad also put casserole in slow cooker and sorted out some washing. Think it has rained all day so glad I didn't have to go out.

  Becky x

Had a faffing around day today with little done ! Into town this morning with three things on my list and couldn't get any. Sorted out all the washing and went to put it in the machine and had run out of tablets. And this afternoon made loads of cut pieces for a project which has just been scrapped. Oh well concertina night class tonight - I wonder what might happen there! some wrong notes coming up for sure Laughing

Oh Jennie, what a day it has been for you.  The concertina class should go ok though as everything comes in threes and you have already had your three Wink

Rained all day here too Becky.  At times it almost sounded as though my roof was a wriggly tin one which was a bit alarming.  Went to M&S hoping for inspiration for tonight's dinner and yaw!  they have a Dine in for 10 offer on.  Love those offers Very Happy

Other than that I have continued "tidying" my book.  The carcass is done and one of the books to go inside.  We are only supposed to do two books to go in but there's room for another so I feel a third book coming on.  Will post pics when complete.  In the meantime, my craft room looks like a bomb has dropped on it, followed by a tornado Embarassed

Oh Jennie you did have a funny day hope today is better for you and I am sure the class will be fine.

As long as you are having fun Mickie don't worry about the mess  Laughing

 Sad   woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep so have given in and got up taken my tablets and enjoying a nice cup of tea. Nothing planned for today so will see what happens. It is dry outside but very cold.

  Becky x

Am wrapping up warm to go out today.  Going to a garden centre with a neighbour to get some shoes (?).  We shall probably have lunch too. Lovely!

Hear what you say about the tidying Becky.  Shall enjoy myself some more later on Wink   Had the opposite problem to you - couldn't wake up this morning.

Thankfully a lovely morning with Margaret and a few others at the workshop. And last night's playing went very well after the day I had  Laughing

I love your tidying up Mickie - mine is always the same! and the things I find lurking in little drawers and corners is always a surprise!

Wish I could have woken up this morning too ...

Jennie -glad today was better than yesterday -funny how you get days like that.
Mickie -sounds like you are having a good sort out of your craft room to me! I have to tidy up after each project as I only have a samll space so it's only like a small tornado!
Becky -slow cookers are great aren't they? Put on in the morning, go out all day and come home to succulent ready cooked meal
Crafting session yesterday insoired me  today and have made 6 simple cards in all using some samples from a craft group a couple of weekd ago where we all shared our cuttlebug folders and dies. Also did challenge card.
Craft club tomorrow pm -think we are doing a pop up card probably with a Xmas theme

You are going great guns with the crafting this week Vonny.  Having a clear space to start with is obviously a help!  Having said that, you will likely miss out on the surprises in nooks and crannies as I am assuming that you know exactly where everything is.  

I bought a slow cooker last year to use with friendly plastic, sill haven't got round to it. Rolling Eyes

The chilly morning developed into a lovely warm, sunny, day.  Proper autumn weather.  Raining again now................

Mickie wrote:

I bought a slow cooker last year to use with friendly plastic, sill haven't got round to it. Rolling Eyes

Get some meat in it !!!! I love ours, use it nearly every day. There is a great cookery book by a Catherine Atkinson (no relation  Laughing )

I agree with that Jennie -it is also very economical to use.
Mickie -I don't have much of a clear space -just poush everything to the side before I start. I do know where most things are -unless I have a sort out then I can't find things at all. Mind you can't find some frames to make beaded snowflakes for the xmas tree -just keep looking in odd boxes but they will probably surface in Jan  Laughing

Thanks Jennie, I'll look out for the recipe book.  There must have bee one with the slow cooker but I cannot find it and unlike my craft room, my kitchen is in good order Laughing
I do hate all that searching for stuff Vonny, especially when I find it right under my nose!

Have finished my Book Box and Mini Books to go inside, together with an extra book just because there was room for one!  Have, however, come across the kits to make another set, plus a couple more books of a different style.  It is all a bit never ending in my craft world Wink

Looking forward to seeing your mini books Mickie.

Thankfully I have a big craft room as if i don't have things out I forget they are there and don;t use them.  I also have a dresser with a Tim Holtz drawer and a STampin Up drawer and these get fully opened when I am doing a TH or SU project. Fairly goes for your knees having drawers opened - I have some nice bruises but at least I get to use all the stuff  Laughing

Here's a link to the slow cooker book I use Mickie - there are some lovely recipes (I have a Lentil/Chicken Curry in at the moment) and most of my family now have a copy. I see you can get it for 1p!;keywords=catherine+atkinson+slow

The only downside of the slow cooker is that you smell the food all day and it makes me very hungry!

Thanks for the link Jennie - not sure if I could live with feeling hungry all day but definitely up for coming home to a ready cooked meal on a freezing cold day. Might even have to purchase a bigger slow cooker - mine is really tiny.  Think it only holds a pint of fluid.

Have been taking photographs of the books etc and am busy condensing them in terms of size.  Once done I shall post pics.

Thanks for the link Jennie I have just brought one from E-Bay.Wish I had a big craft room but like you I am getting bruises bumping into boxes and drawers.

Look forward to seeing your work Mickie

Having a lovely day in have been gessoing pages which are all now dry so I can play.

   Becky x
margaret rorie

Nearly bought the cook book but when I saw the picture I realised I already had it! I have made the mincemeat recipe from it which was lovely. Am planning to use my slow cooker more as it is so economical.

Had a lovely morning at Jennie's class earlier this week - it was mixed media this week which I don't do much of. I learnt such a lot so thanks Jennie. I've posted a photo of another wall hanging which I made when I came home.

Going to shampoo some carpets today so probably won't have much time for crafting. Sad Weather here is miserable today - rain and wind.

Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

shampooing carpets is hard work so hope you are now resting. been out spinning all day with like minded woolly people -lovely and started on some merino/alpaca/llama blend

Sounds a fabulous spinning blend Vonny. What will you knit with it ?

I do admire people who shampoo carpets! Well done Margaret. Hoovering is about all ours gets!

We have been to a fabulous classical concert tonight - four talented musical people from the small island of Yell (here in Shetland) - two singers, one cello player and one pianist.  Two others from Yell wrote the pieces they played - one of whom I play with each Sunday at Church and who has written quite a bit of music for us.  I am always absolutely amazed at the talent here in Shetland.

Hopefully a better day tomorrow weather wise - today was awful  Crying or Very sad

Hope your weather is better today Jennie.  It's a dark, rainy day here.  At the moment  I'm torn between curling up with a book and the fire or watching a movie.  Followed by a bit of crafting.

Have ordered the cookbook for 1p plus 2.80 postage!

Margaret I do admire you for shampooing your carpets - I tried it once and made such a mess I get the man in to do it now.

Like the sound of that wool mix Vonny.

Helped out at the Church Christmas Fayre yesterday. It would seem that the takings were the best ever.  A lot of fun but quite tiring.

Hope you are enjoying our playtime Becky

sounds like an amazing concert Jennie. i am spinning the wool about 4 ply so I can use it for socks or a shawl

hope you like the book mickie -a real bargain -and great that the Fayre did so well -there do seem to be a lot of these around this year.

Did a little xmas shopping today and now feeling on top of it. Forum Index -> General
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