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Morning all the weather seems to have settled down a bit. Having my hair done this morning then crafting this afternoon. Had a good day with Dad sorted some stuff out and I got Mum's wedding ring I should have had it when Mum died so 18mths later I get it so had a weep. x
margaret rorie

Glad that your weather has settled Becky - it's cold here today but dry at the moment. It's never easy sorting stuff out but nice to get your mum's ring.

I've had a great weekend at Shetland Noir - this was a book festival featuring crime writers - many from Scandinavia. Lots of interesting discussions and I found some new authors who sound good. I went on a walk yesterday to find out about a 19th century murder which took place here in Lerwick. It was more gruesome than any of Ann Cleeves murders!

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Becky, I'm in need of a bit of a trim myself actually, need a little tidy up. I would've had a weep myself, things like that are such emotional times but it's a nice memory for you now each time you wear it.

Margaret, that sounds wonderful! I do like a good book festival, maybe it's inbuilt into me after working at a library for so long Razz It's always a good feeling to find a new author you can sink down into a comfy chair with, let a lone more! I'm down to my last 3 books in my reading pile at the moment. Very proud as I made a deal with myself to not add any more to the pile until I finish this one. Almost there! Alas, my wishlist is growing ever more so during this time.

How my crazy house has started! Had my brother and sister in law for a short time, they've now been shifted out and replaced with my sister, brother in law and 3 year old niece. Let the babysitting and bathroom sharing commence! Lol.

Looking forward to this weekend though as I've booked my sister and I onto the next Dabble Day with 6 projects to complete this Sunday. Will be posting finished products next week for you all to see Smile

How busy you have all been and its only Monday tea time!

Becky, it is lovely you have your mum's ring.  I hope you find wearing it as comforting as I do wearing my mother's.

The book festival sounded really good Margaret.  Who are the new authors you found?

Wish I could stop getting new books Rachel.  I don't seem to be doing much reading lately but keep up with favourite authors by listening to them on Audible when I am crafting.  So the pile of actual books just grows.  I have tried explaining to people that I either do Kindle or Audible but they seem to think "Poor thing" and buy or pass on more. I don't complain though as one day I may be very grateful to have them

Art class this morning and another topic (tea cups) I wasn't too bothered about.  However, we are back into acrylics which is so much more relaxing than watercolours Wink

Rachel, I'm glad for your sake that some of your family moved out before the next contingent moved in -must be pretty lively. Enjoy the dabble day  Smile

I have my great grandmothers wedding ring which has been passed down the female line and I wear it all the time. i like having things that link to the past.

The book festival sounds good Margaret -I have never been to one so perhaps I should try one -I did go to my first ever beer festival earlier this year.  Smile
hope the tea cup painting ( I assume you mean pictures of them rather than the cups themselves  Laughing ) went well Mickie.

Went for a walk this morning as no line dancing -at least it is not as gusty as yesterday but pretty muddy.

Yesterday I had a crafting day with friends which was lovely although didn't get a lot of crafting done then we went and I brought a new scooter as mine was very poorly so at least I am mobile again. Off out today visiting roll on tomorrow when I can stay in. x

sounds like you will be zipping around now Becky  Smile
Not been doing much as back is aching so taking it easy -was hoping to do some conservation work today and it is even sunny  Sad Doing some online Xmas shopping instead  Smile

Hope you didn't get carried away with the spending Vonny Laughing  

Happy new scooter Becky

Went up to Redhill today to Inky Fingers Club with Helen Chilton.  We made master boards which was quite fun so now I have a few card backgrounds ready to go.  They were supposed to be Christmas themed but I think I managed to avoid to make them obviously seasonal as I am not making Christmas cards this year Wink

Was kept awake by the high winds last night - it really sounded wild out there and I was grateful for the protection of my duvet.  On my way up to Redhill I was on the look out for broken off branches and the like but.................. never saw anything, not even a twig.  That is until I was almost home again and I ran over a small branch in the road and realised that it was wild and woolly again. The joys of living on the coast Laughing  Laughing

wild and woolly -like that Mickie  Very Happy Glad you enjoyed your Inky Fingers session.
Just about to try out the sewing kits for my group this afternoon -look quite easy and everything seems to be included too

Morning all not sure where the week has gone went into Southampton Wednesday so my new scooter had a good run out it is very nice I am pleased with it much smoother than the old one it was also very wet i seem to have avoided being out in the rain until then.Had a bad day yesterday and did nothing really felt grot so fingers crossed today is better.
It has been wet and windy here as well Mickie. Hope you sewing kits went well and everyone had a fun time Vonny. X

Hope the kits went well Vonny.  What's next for you or is that it now until next year?

glad you are pleased with your new scooter Becky but a shame about yesterday.  Definitely have fingers crossed for you today.

Looks like we have gone from wild and woolly to wet and colder.  Would like to have stayed in, in the warm but we have a Christmas Fair tomorrow and so this afternoon we will be setting up our stall.  Amazing how much work is involved in getting the stand ready along with the hall.  Never mind, it is all good fun

Hope you feel better soon Becky and glad the new scooter is so good  Smile
Everyone enjoyed the kits and made good items -everything was supplied and the felt had pre punched holes so sewing was easier -i think they all like a change from paint and glue. I have got some Cross stitch for next year -each one is an animal and the body is mesh that can be stitched.
The second group will do the kits next week then each group will do a Xmas/winter card -3 stars with different finishes. then 17th is Xmas dinner and they have invited me so that will be a treat.
Still a bit under the weather so taking things easy but did manage to make  meatballs for dinner! Forum Index -> General
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