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Morning all hope you have all had a good weekend . Now I am going to have a moan I am really struggling with my Fibro at the mo and have had a lousy weekend after Dad phoned me at 10pm Friday and ordered me to do something for him he so wants to get home he is going to discharge himself because the family aren't doing enough but he was very rude the way he spoke to me and I got rather upset and angry  moan over but thank you lot for keeping me sane. I am off out to do some shopping I need some fresh air. Hopefully I will get some crafting done I did manage to do 3 atc's over the weekend that I am happy with a awful lot went in the bin  Very Happy  x

sorry to hear about your Dad giving you a hard time -especially when you have your own health problems and also being so supportive of him. I was listening to a conversation at quilting group where people were talking about their elderly parents who want things done immediately and have no concept of other people having a life -so it seems to be a common problem. I don't know how aware your Dad is but perhaps you should let him know how you feel? Anyway glad we are here to help you let off a bit of steam.  Very Happy
Usual Monday with line dancing. Have been digging out some old exercise clothing as I am thinking about trying Zumba later in the week -haven't tried it on yet but hopefully the lycra will stretch  Shocked

Hi Becky So sorry your Dad has upset you - you are obviously so good to him and I'm sure he knows that at one level.  I think illness and hospitals can make people a bit desperate and maybe behave rather irrationally. Hope your Monday has gone better.  I am just back from work at 9pm - so much for 'taking it easy'! Not really possible in my job. Brave of you to try out Zumba Vonny!  I played tennis on Sunday but think maybe it was a bit soon as abdominal scars feel very sore today.

Morning all we have sorted care out for Dad starts next week. Considering we were told he was dying a few weeks ago he is so much better am avoiding him today but will go Thursday to see him sorry about the moan.

Having a day in and going with the flow which is all I can do when I have a flare up just hoping it doesn't last too long. x

So sorry to hear that you are having such a touch time Becky. It can't be easy so don't feel bad about having a moan!  I hope you can get things organised.

Sunny here today but very windy. Despite torrential rain all night I was very surprised to open the curtains to see the super moon! I rushed for the camera and stood outside in my PJs and managed to get a photo before it disappeared very quickly.

Today I am playing with some lovely new products from PaperArtsy  Very Happy

It was so cloudy, overcast and with mist descending last night that we didn't get to see the super moon at all. *sigh* Previous to last night we had had a good view of the moon as it rose; Saturday night it looked beautiful with its colourful halo.

It is sad when elderly parents become demanding and forget that not everything can be dropped when they want something. I am trying to be a good elderly parent LOL. Technically I am not old as the government won't pay me a pension for a further six years; can't even get a bus pass  Rolling Eyes

Becky we are all happy to support you so if you have to let off steam, then do Laughing  My mum became quite difficult and such hard work I was quite exhausted with it all by the end and I wasn't in your situation.  When mum was in hospital in a six bed ward, it seemed to me they all vied with one another as to who had the most doting child.  She was much better when she was at home.  Hope the same will go for your Dad.   I saw your ATCs and they are super - good you have the crafting outlet:lol:

Jennie I saw your photos - very good.  It was too overcast here to see anything at all.  This seems to happen whenever there is a celestial event Rolling Eyes  

Zumba!  Lycra!  You are very brave Vonny.  Enjoy!  

Perhaps a gentle hike might have been better exercise Sarah.  Good on you for having a go though.  Hope soreness goes soon.

Lynn - you must remember that "old" is always ten years older than you are.    Wink

Morning all sunny here bet is cold out though I am having a day in and will go with the flow must do some Dec birthday cards.
I saw your photos Jennie they were brilliant I would love to see views like that we don't ever see anything have fun with your new Paperartsy things .
Lynn I have just become a pensioner first lot of money is due Friday won't be getting heating allowance only people born before the 5th May get it I am the 23rd, nice to see you on here.
Dad is back home think the hosp got sick of him and have sorted out care for the few days before our care package starts Monday I am going to see him tomorrow and meet the woman from the agency so she can assess Dad so he is happy again back with his dog, thank you for all your kind words still struggling with Fibro but that will probable be the case for a few weeks but have forgiven Dad  Laughing .

Becky -totally ok for you to have a bit of a moan here. glad it is sorted and you are on good terms with your Dad again- it is amazing that he has made such a comeback and hopefully you can enjoy some more times together. hope the fibro settles down soon too
Mickie -I love the idea that 'older' is 10 years more than you are now! And Lynn I just think of state pension and bus pass as works in progress! Smile
Sarah -don't over do things! Don't want to hear that you are laid up.
Jennie hope you had a good play with the Paperartsy stuff -and I had to smile at the image of you out in your PJs taking photos -what we do for our art.
Well I went to Zumba and really enjoyed it. Some of the moves were a bit like line dancing (but faster though you don't have to go in the same direction as everyone else!) and there was a lot of hip wiggling (like belly dancing?). Managed to get through the session although I did slow down towards the end. Feel quite tired today but have a week to recover!

Glad you enjoyed the Zumba Vonny it is suppose to be good for you. Saw Dad yesterday and he is happy to be back home and I have come down with a stinkin cold so that hasn't help at all going to have time out from Dad until I am feeling a bit more human. Having a day in  and a PJ day, don't think I will get much done though.

Hope your stiffness has worn off now Vonny.

Becky hope your cold goes quickly.  Glad you are friends with your Dad again.  He sounds to be much better at home again.

Will keep an eye out to see what you do with the new PaperArtsy stamps Jennie.  I'm sure you will have a good time playing with them

I'm off to paint a Christmas card at the new Art Class today.  I think I'm doing something with stags.  Oops!  Sorry!  Reindeer..... Wink

hope you had a relaxing PJ day Becky and that the cold is getting better.
I often call reindeer stags Mickie -hope the card went well.
I did some spinning at knitting group this morning and spent most of the afternoon sorting out a problem with my current jumper project.

It was Hubby's birthday on Thursday and he had lots of cards, then on Friday it was the dog's birthday - she was 1 year old but I think she was a bit miffed that she didn't get any birthday cards as I could hear tearing going on and there she was shredding one of the birthday cards!!!!

Sorry to hear about your cold Becky and hope it soon improves; our daughter is a teaching assistant and has had several doses of the sniffles since term restarted and now has infections in both ears plus tonsilitis!! Shocked

Vonny the zumba sounds like fun, also sounds as though you have to be relatively fit for it! Think that would rule me out Laughing

Ooh I would love to do Zumba Vonny - on my wish list but not found anything up here yet! Hope you have a better week next week Becky x I think your dog ought to meet our dog Lynn - I think they would get along fine ......

It's still Panto panto panto here  - five hours at the Theatre today doing the lighting plot. Tickets went on sale on Saturday and pretty well all gone ...... scary stuff!

But ... I did manage an  hour this morning taking some photos. We woke to such a beautiful morning Terry and I went into Lerwick first to take photographs around the Harbour, but actually got better shots of the frost and ice here in the garden! I thought of you all suffering gales .......... Forum Index -> General
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