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Morning ladies we have the sunshine here rather chilly though have hung some washing out and finished a card.

   Becky x

Icy here but sunny so went out for a walk. hope to do a bit of crafting this afternoon

Evening.  No broadband for most of the day, grrr!  I don't know why it should be but whenever I cannot get online paranoia sets in. Rolling Eyes

Not the best of days really, went to deliver a birthday card, call in at the surgery and stop by supermarket on way back.  In driving time this would normally take 20mins max plus time spent inside supermarket.  Today, we have major roadworks going on and so the same journey took an hour and a half plus an hour in the supermarket - well, I met someone I hadn't seen for a long time and we had a nice chat.  Guess what?  I'm not going anywhere tomorrow Wink

it was lovely first thing here - blue skies, lovely sunshine and very calm. Then we got grey cloud and I had the lights on for the rest of the day!

Terry is away visiting family from early this morning, so a few days to myself  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy Hoovering and tidy up done early so now I have a few days to myself.  Packed up for the last of my Beginner's Taster Sessions tomorrow - a mini book. They have been successful and everyone seems to have enjoyed them, but it is a lot of work.

First night of the panto tomorrow - final dress rehearsal went well last night. I can't believe we have finally got here  Very Happy

Doesn't seem so long ago you were just starting rehearing Jennie, now its the dress rehearsal.  Expect the panto will go well as they always seem to do.

Glad your taster sessions went so well, makes all that hard work prepping all worth while.

Today started off with lovely sunshine and now we are back to lovely dullness.  if you're wondering I thought I'd try to make dull sound good so that if it notices it will go away and we can have sunshine again Laughing
margaret rorie

Weather here hasn't been bad so far this week - yesterday was lovely here.

I see that there is a special offer on Friday for $5 off the Online classes - this includes Tim's 2 classes so if you haven't done these now would be the time. I think it is $5 off each class but I'm not sure.  This is the link

I'm tempted to do another of these Online classes as I really like the CAS style that they seem to favour.  I've done quite a few but I see one on stencilling which I haven't done.

I'm off to catch up on some TV programmes I've recorded - I have peace tonight as hubby if off out to play crib.

Can't believe that the panto is starting this week, Jennie.  Don't know how you have time to prepare for the Scrapbookers in the middle of it! Have found a photo and took your advice and searched through my scraps and found lots of nice bits and pieces.

Hope you managed to have a relaxing evening Margaret.Weather hasn't been nice here and very foggy this morning and we have to go out and I have craft club tonight. My slow cooker cook book came this morning looks good so will have a good look though at some time.

   Becky x

seems like there are going to be lots of slow cookers going now!

Wore myself out swinning as I am trying to do more lengths! Then have been doing committee paperwork. Off to my volunteering this afternoon and we are starting on a calender -should be ok but you never can tell!

….. swinning ……. a new sport Vonny  Laughing

It is a very dark day here today, wet and windy too. Two nights of the panto now done - I am just thankful I don;t have to do a performance at 9am in the morning as I can hardly walk !!!

I've got a lamb hotpot in the slow cooker today  Very Happy

Hope you enjoyed your evening Margaret

I think "swinning" might just be what I do - I just lie still on the water and drift!

The recipe book arrived this morning - a complete bargain at 1p plus £2.80 postage Wink  Some really good sounding things in there.  Thanks again for the link Jennie.  I am now going to investigate what portion size my slow cooker is and give it a whirl.  

You might get some interesting calendars Vonny, do let us know how the session went

I'm crafting this afternoon - hoping to get my ATCs finished for November and December along with the tags

If I get into water I sink.
Have fun doing your atc's Mickie I can't remember what Dec is.
Lamb hotpot sounds nice Jennie glad panto is going well.
Have fun doing the calenders Vonny.
I am now having a few days in so hopefully I will get some playing done not feeling brill at mo but will see what happens.
I am a happy bunny I am doing a retreat with Hels Sheridan next Easter so that will be fun.

   Becky x

that retreat sounds great Becky -I'm sure you will enjoy it!

swinning actually sounds quite positive -sorry about the typos.

Everyone painted the backgrounds for their calendars (made from card from cereal boxes) and cut out the month pages and hole punched them. Next week we are decorating the top with little house shapes and tying the pages on and making a hanging loop. The following week we will probably do some paper chains and large snowflake decorations then it's a xmas party!

I'm sure your retreat will be fabulous Becky. Where is it going to be held?

Like the sound of the cereal box calendars Vonny. Expect everyone is beginning to get a little excited now

Doing a workshop with Helen Chilton tomorrow.  We are to be decorating three dimensional papier mâché letters to make up the word JOY, which will go nicely on my mantel shelf for the season

The retreat is being held about 10 mins away from me it is for 3 days accommodation and food all included for £280 which I don't think is too bad I could come home at night but would miss all the fun.

We have the sun shining but boy it is chilly staying in today and catching up with unfinished projects of which I have a few   Laughing

  Becky x

Mickie you do seem to meet the famous names in crafting -soulds like a lovely workshop -sure to be bright colours!!
Becky the retreat sounds great -and so near you too -enjoy.
Been patchworking at a freinds house today and it went well until nearly the end when one strip was just a bit too long -strange that others were ok. Will have to do a bit of adjusting. Got friends round tomorrow afternoon for a bit of spinning so all in all a crafty weekend. Forum Index -> General
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