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Morning all had a great day with my Dad yesterday he did a sermon in the very first church that he worked in which he really enjoyed we then went back to someones house we thought for a hour but no 3 hours later we leave  Very Happy . It is cold here but don't have to go out till later taking Mum to the doctors. x

You really must have had a good time Becky.  One for the memory book?  Laughing

Been a bit cold wet and windy the last couple of days.  I live in hopes it has been cold enough to kill off the bugs  Laughing

Art class went well.  We were doing abstracts in acrylic and had a demonstration of Jackson Pollock's method of getting paint onto the canvas.  This was quite fun and in fact some nice effects can be achieved.  Might have to have a go at this one when the weather gets warm again and I can paint outside  Not much in the scheme of things but something to look forward to Laughing

Still trying to get some crafting done.  It is really weird but since I sorted out my craft room I find I have no inspiration.  I wonder if I chucked it out with all the junk?!

Hi everyone.  Sorry it's been such a long time.  Can't believe I ever thought I was busy in Italy - have been working such long hours (full time) since the day after we arrived back in the UK!  Thinking of you this week though as finally doing some crafting - organising an advent calendar with Girls Club at the school I am working in.  We do it once a week in the lunch break.  They made a large wreath with cut outs of their hand prints and each one cut out a bauble and did an illustration for the inside.   It was a lot of fun (even though  lots of them initially found it hard to get their heads around the concept of an advent calendar without chocolate in!!) Have not really managed to get my own craft things sorted out here yet and my Craft Robo (which I thought could cut out 25 Christmas baubles for me and save us all a bit of time) unfortunately seems to have packed up.  At least the software doesn't seem to be working and the disc seems to have got lost in transit so I can't reinstall it. Sad

Great to have you back Sarah you have been missed and glad you are back crafting again and I am sure you will get your craft stash sorted soon.
Mickie my mojo has gone on hols as well and I am so behind on cards so glad I decided not too make Xmas cards. I am staying in today so fingers crossed I get some done today mind you that is one good thing with journalling you can write anything down on a page and then cover it up with paint so no one else can see your cursing  Laughing  x
margaret rorie

Just back from a few days in London - we went down to see our great nephew and his friend play at the Youth Proms at the Albert Hall. We've never been to the Albert Hall before so really enjoyed the experience. The boys play the fiddle and guitar and played a mixture of traditional tunes and ones they had written. If you google Gnoss you should be able to find them.

No time for crafting as I have a big assignment to do for my course - I've made enough Xmas cards during the year so organised in that respect. Nothing happening on the house front - no closing date set for the other house but luckily we can wait so hoping something will happen soon.

Hadn't looked at journaling quite in that light Becky but what a terrific idea.  I have done a couple of pages where I have worked through negative thoughts and then had to find a way to hide them but your way is so much better because it lets it all go

Hi Sarah good to have you back with us.  Your Girls Club sounds fun.  Glad you are enjoying being back with us but shame about your Craft Robo.  Hope you get it sorted soon

Am off to a birthday tea this afternoon and really looking forward to it.  Maybe that will get the mojo going again!  Have to confess I had actually bought the birthday card but last night I discovered I have obviously put it in a safe place so had to make  card in a panic but copied one I had made before the mojo is so lost Crying or Very sad

Glad you enjoyed the Albert Hall experience Margaret.  It is an amazing venue and must be more so when you know the players.  Good luck with the project
margaret rorie

Lovely to have you back Sarah - are you back in Britain for some time?

Here is a photo from our seats in the Albert Hall - they were excellent!

Click to see full size image

Lovely to hear from you Sarah and I hope you manage to get your Robo sorted for cutting.

Pretty hectic few days here with three out five days leading workshops. Everything back in it's proper place  now and I've been catching up with DT work, particularly photographs as the weather has been a little brighter.

I will certainly be scrutinising your journal pages Becky for words underneath  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

I have put some pictures in the gallery of the projects we made at Coventry. I really love them and have already made another little shadowbox and crackling just about everything in sight. Aimee had better watch out  Laughing

great to hear from you Sarah -you certainly sound busy. hope the Craft Robo gets sorted soon.
Mickie -it's wierd that you've lost your mojo now you've sorted your space -perhaps you feel you don't want to mess it up -I think Becky's idea of writing whatever you want on a page then painting over it is a great idea for both stress relief and perhasp getting that mojo back.
The Albert hall is a great place to visit and must be even better if you know someon playing
Jennie -hope you get a little time off from DT work over Xmas!

Beautiful day here today. So we left the car in the car park at the Art Group this morning and walked into the village in search of sustenance and chalk drawings, only to find the pub is undergoing refurbishment and the dining room was full of builders, dust and noisy machinery so we took a quick look at the chalk drawings and beat a hasty retreat.  I can confirm that the drawings were of a very high standard. Laughing

Mojo still awol so I think I am going to see if Becky's system will work for me as the unaccustomed sunshine obviously hasn't helped

so are the chalk drawings displayed in the pub then? As an exhibition? Shame that they couldn't be viewed properly and that you had to search further for sustenance.
Yesterday we went to the Xmas market at Worcester -it was really good with a wide range of stalls where many of the vendors had dressed in Victrorian garb. there was a man riding round on his penny farthing as well as 2 stilt walkers causing some hilarity, a number of buskers and a small fun fair. We were lucky to get a dry and fairly mild day. Today has been sepnt quielty at home and starting on Xmas gift wrapping -something I actually hate doing! Sad

Hiya all had a busy week no time for crafting Mum had 2 hosp appts on thursday and then her cataract done friday hopefully next week will be quieter so I can get some done have started xmas shopping though.
You have all been busy did you take some pic's of the drawings Mickie. We have a German Xmas market in Southampton they had some lovely leather journals but they were rather expensive so resisted. x

Greetings from the cold, wet and decidedly windy coast.  Don't need background music today; the wind is playing the hanging tiles like a xylophone and occasional drum rolls on the roof Rolling Eyes

The chalk drawings decorated the menu boards so given that we go back when the refurb works are done I shall take a photo or two.  

Shame about the leather journals Becky.  Nice you were able to get to a Christmas Market, makes a nice start to the season.  Hope your Mum recovers quickly from her op.  How fantastic to be able to see again.

Your visit to a Christmas Market sounded quite fabulous Vonny.  The nearest for me is, I think, in Rochester where they have the Dickens Festival.  Something to think about next year I think.

Enjoy your day everyone

the Dickens one sounds like ti would be good Mickie -just try not to bump into Scrooge. We have a German style market in St albans and will visit it when we go the the carol concert in the cathedral just before Xmas. No journals last year but some very nice hand made soap. the mini journal that I used a while ago for challenges is leather bound and handmade -I bought it in Devon and it wasn't too expensive- I got a much bigger one ofr my brother's birhtday too -it is quite unusual to see these at craft markets  Smile Forum Index -> General
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