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Morning all well have got up to a sunny morning dry but very windy.I am glad to say I am having a day in and crafting it has been hit and miss the last few days and I am behind with challenges. What are you all up to. x

did a bit of shopping and in one place between two buildings it was a real wind tunnel and we had to lean into it. boring housework this afternoon.
Yesterday I finished my 'baa'-ble hat (no bobble yet tho and not sure if i will add one). this pattern was free as part of Shetland wool week

Click to see full size image

Love the hat Vonny.  Your wind tunnel reminded me of when my mum and I had gone to lunch at a restaurant on the sea front.  The main shopping street goes north to south ending on the sea front.  While we were having lunch the wind got up and when we left the restaurant we were caught in it and just managed to grab a traffic sign pole at the bottom of the shopping street and each other to avoid being quite literally blown away.  We laughed about it afterwards but it really was a scary moment

Art class went well yesterday morning.  Which was good because the wind caught my palette as we came out and I narrowly missed getting covered in acrylic paint. We are on our last project which we should complete next week.  The following week we have our exhibition and then that's it until end of February.  Whatever will I do on a Monday morning now? Rolling Eyes

I called in Sainsbury on my way home and the lady on the checkout remarked "I see you are doing some painting"  I looked down and my handbag (black leather) was covered in white acrylic paint.  By the time I got home the paint had dried, however, with a washing up sponge and some washing up liquid I managed to remove all the paint with little effort. Hurrah!

Evening all...... it's good to see that you are all well.....

Love the hat Vonny.

Mickie - your paint incident made me laugh.  I was once giving a very serious talk to a group of solicitors about change and I was using my hands a lot..... when out of the corner of my eye I could see that I still had red ink all over them!!

What can I say?!  Life is crazy!! We are moving office next week as well as going through a massive re-structure.  On top of this I've been given another branch - so I now run Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth..... so I barely know whether I am coming or going!!  I am hoping to break up for Christmas on the 18th.... and it will be a much needed break!!  I will be working for 2 weeks solid from next week.....  I will try my best to pop back.
margaret rorie

Good to hear from you Miriam - sounds like your work is even more hectic than it was before!

Love the hat Vonny - those colours really work. I knitted one in the summer for my great niece who is doing agriculture at college. She got some sheep for her Xmas last year so I thought it was appropriate!

The weather here is miserable - wet and very dark.  However I'm busy writing my final project for my Runology course. I've really enjoyed it and looking forward to going to Maeshowe in Orkney to see the runes the Vikings wrote when they broke into the chamber. At the winter solstice the sun shines through the entrance of Maeshowe onto the back wall - the Neolithic builders were so clever! Will need to go on a sunny day.

I've just finished a scrapbook page but will need to get my tag done as I'm late!

So pleased you got the paint off your handbag Mickie -it must be a fairly non stick surface as it never comes off clothes. Hope the exhibition of your work goes well -it will make you proud to see it all on display  Smile . I'm sure you will find something to fill those Mondays!
Good to hear form you Miriam -it really does sound like you have far to much to do at work -I'm sure a 2 week break will be extremely welcome.
Margaret I love the idea of the sun shining on the runes -it is amazing how they knew all this stuff without calendars, watches and computers  Laughing
Went to a knitting group this morning and took along my old circular needle which has a metal cord to show them as I had mentioned it a couple of times. Then in the afternoon started another sheep hat for Mike -but his will have a green grass style base so we can't get them mixed up  Smile

Think you must really need a two week break Miriam - three branches to run is some feat and especially as they are all so far apart from each other.  Always nice to see you on the forum when you get the chance.

That is so right Vonny, it really puts a different perspective on things.  I wonder how well we would actually do without our computers - I hear the young ones don't go in for watches any more and I have to confess to looking at my phone or computer screen if I want to know the time and even the date.  Actually nowadays, even the day of the week sometimes!

Had a lovely time at Inky Fingers today.  It was the last one of the year so we had a bit of a party too.  Everyone brought some food to share ranging from beautiful home made bread, olive and sundried tomato tapenade to gluten free Stollen; fruit loaves made with pears and apples followed by scrumptious handmade chocolates with creamy chocolate filling.  Guess who forgot to take the cheese straws? For my sins I must now take these to the Book Club on Sunday along with some Christmas packages for a game we played today and will be playing again then.  

Tell you more later.  Now it is my bed time so night night every one.  Hope you all sleep well

Morning all sorry not been around had no internet  Crying or Very sad  perhaps I will have to get some runes  Laughing
Glad you have managed to get the paint off your bag Mickie I have done the same thing although I am worse with the sprays.
Good to see you Miriam you are missed.
Love the hat Vonny must look for my winter hat before it gets too cold.
Having my eyes tested today fingers crossed I don't need new glasses and then a bit of shopping. x

my mouth is watering mickie -we tend to go for a few crisps and dips round here!
Glad you got the intenet sorted Becky -amazing how much you miss it when it's not there!. I have worn a woolly hat a couple of times this year but the sheep one is double thickness because of all the stranded wool -probably just right for Shetland!!  Smile
Not doing much apart from knitting another hat for Mike -his has green grass at the bottom tho  Smile

You and Mike are going to have nice warm heads this winter and look smart I can't find my lovely winter hat guess I probably left it somewhere last year. We are off to Molly's 1st birthday she is the youngest grandaughter then going to meet Zoe's new horse Poppy she looks lovely in pics I have seen. x

Really sorry not to have been around much. We've been hit by lightning twice and the phone and broadband knocked out. Every time there is a hint of lightning I have been switching everything off ! It is blowing hard today but we don't seem to have any L and T thankfully.

I am really not sure where this week has gone other than finishing off my Christmas cards and knitting Clangers - the latter is not going well. The knitting bit is reasonably easy but they do look a bit odd. But I think they are supposed to look a bit odd  Laughing They were a special request from Callum  Very Happy

Glad to hear from you Miriam - hopefully things might settle down for you soon. We have missed you x

must be pretty scary to be hit by lightening Jennie -hope there wasn't too much damage. I used to love the clangers- didn't lnow they were still around  Smile Forum Index -> General
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