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Good morning all another Monday morning it is sunny here but very cold. We are off to catch up with Grandkids  later today so will get some cards done this morning well that is the plan what have you all got planned. xx

usual Monday for me starting with line dancing then some housework!
Felt a bit festive yesterday as made my first batch of mince pies  Smile

It was cake all the way in Art Class this morning - we were doing a mixed media with the theme of Patisserie and boy was there a lot of it on display for a "whilst the paint/medium/glues are drying" still life filler in.  Of course we couldn't let it all go to waste so did what we could to demolish the goodies!  Feel a bit hyper now after all the sweetness Rolling Eyes

It is cold now so glad I don't have to go out again.

Allegedly I am home again tomorrow. Woohoo!  More Christmas cards I think - it is certainly getting to that time when they should be handed out

Keep warm everyone

what a great topic Mickie! hope the Xmas card making went well.

Last stitching group before the New Year and i took my knitting loom - a couple of the ladies were very interested so hope to be using this next.

The easterly that has been blowing along the coast has been bitterly cold these last few days although there was sunshine today.
Over a week ago I went down with a cold, something I rarely catch however I was feeling below par and then started to lose my voice and couldn't breathe properly when I took the dog out so finally visited the surgery yesterday and I have a chest infection brewing apparently  Sad  
Sadly I shan't make the winter wishes card swap - just haven't felt like crafting as there is too much cotton wool taking up space in the area where my brain should be Smile

The other half has now gone down with man flu!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry you are under the weather Rusticus - Man 'flu is good - it will be gone for the big event

Lunched out today - a belated birthday do.  Time was we would party the night away, now we lunch.  Oh how times have changed Rolling Eyes Mind you, the wine did flow............  Think I'll have to have an early night Laughing

It was a bright sinshiney day but now it is definitely Brrrr.

I see the Christmas decs are going up - there's a house down the road that looks like it has plutonium in its foundations!  

Stay warm everyone

Hope you are feeling better soon Rusticus I am just getting over mine. It is so cold here even got my thermals out. Glad you had a fun time out with your friends Mickie. I It is certainly beginning to look like Christmas I have done the bulk of buying presents just a few left to do and then the wrapping which I don't like doing.Got a busy day nurse this morning hoping to hear again after seeing her then Libby's school to hear her sing she is in the choir. Then Dentist know I need a filling  Crying or Very sad  and then craft club this evening, so wish I was staying in though.

Hope you feel better soon Lynn. Also hope everyone else stays safe and warm. Although the weather has been cold it has been wonderful to see the sun and blue skies. Much better than our usual grey and damp winter weather.

sorry to hear you are under the weather Lynn -especially when it stops you crafting.
Becky that really is a packed day -hope it went well.

Love the house powered by plutonium idea Mickie- a couple of houses round here are already flashing away.
Yesterday I was doing scrub clearance on some local hills. Everyone had wrapped up well but it only took about half an hour before we were taking layers off -especially those by the fire! Easy morning then art and craft group this afternoon.

quiet day at home quilting. Visiting That's Crafty in Essex tomorrow- never been before but they do have a large range of stamps online

Vonny you will love That's Crafty we went earlier in the year there is so much to look at have fun you will certainly spend some money.
Hope you are feeling better Lynn.
We are over at Dad's for the weekend the carers came in to get him up and he wouldn't get up  so guess it is up to us to do which was not on the agenda .

Thank you all for your good wishes, I do feel better and actually spent a little time out in my craft shed   Smile

I do envy you Vonny visiting That's Crafty, hope you have plenty of pennies saved up!
Becky how are you feeling? Sorry you are having problems with your dad and carers, would have thought that carers could persuade and coax the most unlikely of patients. Still it all comes down to time doesn't it?

You are energetic Vonny volunteering to go on scrub clearance! That is darned hard work.

That's Crafty was great Becky -good range of stamps and even some half price. did spend a lot but had my tax rebate to use so wasn't too bad. just have a lot of rubber to cut and mount now -only a few were cling stamps so it's just like the good old days.
Sorry you had to sort your Dad out but I guess nobody can physically force him to get up if coaxing fails -makes things harder for you tho.
Second batch of mince pies made today -don't know where they go!

Straight to the hips Vonny - that's where mince pies go.............. Wink  Am envious of your top to That's Crafty.  Must be one of the last remaining large retailers.

Shame your dad wasn't feeling like getting up Becky.   Puts more pressure on you when the carers can't cope.

Friday's art class was fun - we painted boxing hares in soft pastel - made such a change from having a Christmas theme Forum Index -> General
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