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Morning all from a very cold but sunny Southampton glad to be home It was lovely to spend the weekend with Dad but it is very tiring so not feeling the best today. I knew you would like That's Crafty Vonny. I hope you are all staying safe and warm. x

just take it easy Becky -you have earned it!
usual line dancing today -then ironing in the afternoon -at least it keeps me warm!

Just a quick pop in to say HI and I haven't forgotten you all. Just a bit madness here at the moment. Although we are into the panto run there is still so much to do and sort out. Half way through now and it is going so very well.  Very Happy

Glad Panto is going well Jennie you haven't got long before you start. It is a thick pea soup here this morning and we are taking Mum for a hosp appt so have to go out and that will be the day gone. x

Think I've got to the point where I have so much to do, I'm getting nothing done!

A friend and I went to an art exhibition yesterday afternoon and I bought a painting.  Oooh get me! I shall have an original Mark Fisher on my wall Laughing

The Christmas dinners have started - I'm out for one with another friend tonight and then tomorrow I'm up to Inky Fingers with Helen Chilton at Lingfield and we are all bringing something for a buffet lunch and a bit of a party session.  

Then on Thursday I have to go and say goodby to an old friend, who passed away just over a week ago.

Hoping for a fairly quiet Friday ...........................

god to hear the panto is going well Jennie.
We had fog here too Becky and it got worse before it got better. Wasn't a problem tho as I walked up to the knit and natter group and once there we sorted out the list of people who applied for the knitted nature trail kits. these are all packed up and will go out to the libraries in Luton for collection next week -will be like an early xmas present
Enjoy Inky fingers Mickie but sorry to hear about your friend

Have found out that country view Crafts are doing an advent special -so every day there is an offer just for that day until 24th De - Paperartsy yesterday and Sizzix today -have been quite good so far especially after the trip to That's Crafty

vonny wrote:

Have found out that country view Crafts are doing an advent special -so every day there is an offer just for that day until 24th De - Paperartsy yesterday and Sizzix today -have been quite good so far especially after the trip to That's Crafty

They've been doing this for a few years now and there are usually some great offers over the course of the month. I can recommend them for speedy and efficient free delivery too.
Just got back from a few days in Germany. We have had a hard frost everyday but gorgeous clear blue skies. Last night we had a smattering of snow and woke up to fog. Visited the Frankfurt Christmas market and a small local one on top of a hill which was magical and very busy. Much warmer over here.

Gosh Scrapmate I thought it was cold here don't like the cold sounds as though you enjoyed your few days away. Sorry to hear about your friend Mickie and like you don't seem to be able to get things done.It is Grandaughter Tegan 15th birthday today so we are going to dinner with them tonight,this morning I am going to get a new phone. x

Have heard that the German Xmas markets are really good Scrapmate -don't they have little chalets? St Albans has a version I believe.
Enjoy your dinner out Becky -I have just had lunch wioth a friend and chose the festive meal -rather a lot for lunch time but I did my best -good job I am going to Zumba later but will be a bit weighted down by roast potatoes and Yorkshire pud!
margaret rorie

Sorry I've not been around much lately - the essay is taking up a lot of time but the end is in sight! We've had some interest in our house and have set the closing date for Friday. Can't believe this is happening so fast now after nothing happening for so long.

You all sound as if you're getting into the Xmas spirit. Our neighbours are away on a tour to the German markets - sounds like this might be a good trip. I got the Xmas cards off today so feeling quite good. Then had coffee with a friend before looking for some decorations - not for me as I'm trying to pack up again!

fingers crossed for the house Margaret and hope the essay is done soon so you can relax.
Been at quilting group today and got most of my chair covers done  -just need to hand sew the bindings now and will take that to do at my friend's house tomorrow

I am finally have a day in well the whole weekend which is lovely as I have loads of swaps and challenges to plus plus some Birthday cards to do. So pleased you are seeing some movement on house front Margaret are you still buying the same house or have you had to look for another one. We have a German market in Southampton it is lovely all the smells and especially at night with all the lights on they close it on the 23rd so don't have much time to get they Xmas ready at home.
margaret rorie

Good news on the house front - it is under offer again and the people don't have a house to sell so if everything works out we'll be moving down to Orkney in February. We're going down for Xmas and the New Year anyway so we'll be taking more stuff down. We actually have a wee house in Orkney which we'll go to and then look for something more suitable as our one has stairs (and no craft room)!

Essay is finished except for checking the references which I'll do tomorrow. I must go and marzipan the Xmas cakes now and make some salmon pate for our CAB staff Xmas "do" which is this evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

Good news Margaret!  Bet you're glad you didn't unpack it all now Laughing  Lovely for you to have something so exciting to look forward to in the New Year

I was quite excited to be going to a German Christmas Market a couple of year's ago.  It was in Dortmund and boasted the biggest Christmas Tree ever - the tree towered over the whole area.  However, there was nothing on sale that I couldn't get over here, apart from some of the food, although I did have to draw the line at Fisch und Chips Rolling Eyes   What is it they say about going back?  They're right of course.  It can be a disappointment!  Glad you had a good time though Scrapmate

Glad the Panto is going well Jennie - you'll enjoy the party at the end  Laughing

The Craft Barn have their winter sale at Lingfield Community Hall tomorrow, so that's where I shall be..  Some of us are going to have a buffet lunch at the Thai/Indian (which it is depends on which door you go in - both cultures meet in the middle once inside!).  This is a "for old times sake" meal.  As when the Craft Barn was a bricks and mortar shop we would go for a buffet lunch when doing classes/workshops on a weekend

Anyone interested but can't make it to Lingfield; the online sale starts on 17th December

Saw the photos Becky - you have certainly been enjoying a birthday or two of late.  Lovely Laughing

Enjoy what's left of the weekend Forum Index -> General
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