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Poor you Mickie -hope your back sorts itself out soon. Not much doing today -hoping to do some sewing tomorrow

Morning all been having a few probs with internet. Hope your back is better Mickie and is more comfortable for you. After headaches last week I now don't really have a voice much to Keith delight  Laughing. Finished the wrapping well Keith did he is better than me. Going to Whitely again today to pick Molly's shoes up just hope they fit OK have a quick look around the shops and then home to put my feet up. X

Glad your headaches are better Becky.  Sorry you have lost your voice - hope Keith's not enjoying it too much  Laughing

My back is a lot better.  I just have to move carefully.  Have my penultimate Christmas Dinner tonight and I really don't want to have to miss that as I do "need" those Christmas cracker baubles.  Happily I am not driving

Still have a couple of presents to buy and cards to deliver so hopefully the back will be completely better by the weekend.  This really is not the time of year to be incapacitated Laughing

take it easy both of you!
Going to Xmas dinner with the people I volunteer with tomorrow and this is likely to be the only traditional dinner I have as I always choose something else when there is an option. and we are havine goose on the day  Smile
Only 2 more cards to deliver when I see people so no stress for me.

lovely traditional Xmas dinner today -and i walked there and back to help with the calories!
Out for lunch with a friend tomorrow -nearly competing with Mickie this week  Very Happy

Well done for walking Vonny.

Last night's dinner was super and I also managed to get included in a London Theatre Trip in March to see Kinky Boots.  Something else to look forward to.  I was given a margarine tub of Christmas Cracker bits and ends so I now have enough baubles for my twiggy tree.  Yayyyy!

Wow so many Christmas dinners between you all ! I haven't had one yet and will only get one on Christmas Day and yet my waistline is expanding before Christmas starts  Rolling Eyes  Mad

I hope your back is improving Mickie and that the headaches have gone and your voice is back Becky.  

All I can say here is that I am having an amazing time .. A few weeks ago I got an email from Paula Cheney (Tim Holtz's Creative Co-ordinator) as they wanted one of my tags for the booth at CHA !!!!! They were looking at more .. then could I do four samples for the Sissix booth using Tim's dies . more flowers . how could I resist. I am still pinching myself  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy I did say I would deliver them, but everything will have to go in the post on Monday.  So busy busy busy but very HAPPY busy busy busy  Laughing

Well done Jennie my goodness bet you are on cloud nine.
Glad your meals went well Vonny and Mickie  just think this time next week it Christmas Day we are having a very quiet one staying over at Dad's and it could just be the 3 of us on maybe 4 so I will be doing some stamping next week to take and colour in. Still have no voice  Crying or Very sad  getting fed up with it now. Going to enjoy a day in today x

Fantastic news Jennie I bet you cannot stop grinning Laughing

I'm having a day in too Becky, although I might just sashay on down to the Post Box later on with my final card posting session.  Not that I leave everything to the last minute Rolling Eyes

Not looking forward to the final shopping trip, although I am hopeful that by then most people will have done theirs so the shops won't be so manic.  Ever the optimist, that's me

well done Jennie -don't know how you have time for it all! Probaly becuase you are not out eating loads of lunches  Laughing
Glad your twiggy tree will be well dressed Mickie -hope to see a piccie soon
Becky -sorry that you still have no voice -it is really hard not to be able to communicate properly.
Another lovely lunch today but had curry this time -really filling. going to St Albans tomorrow for Carols in the Cathedral, the German xmas market and the usual market too. Not really got anything to get so can just stroll around and enjoy it  Very Happy

Yeah my voice is coming back slowly. I have really not achieved anything craft wise this week  although I did do something for my Dad will put it in my gallery so hoping this weekend will change that as we have nothing planned. Forum Index -> General
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