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Morning all wet and horrible here o I am staying in well apart from plodding across the road to have my hair done. Daniel [son] is doing his Xmas light show and it is starting tonight so hope the weather is a bit nicer for him tonight.Hope you have all had a good weekend and have a nice week planned. xx

Glad to gear things are really positive on the house front Margaret -having a base in Orkney to let you look round makes it much less stressful
hope the light show goes well Becky -is it in a shopping centre?
Line dancing then a craft session with friends in the afternoon so got my ATCs started.
Doing Zumba tomorrow morning at out Weds evening -probably won't be fit to do the housework after it!

Have a busy week - yesterday caught up with an arty friend and also collected my painting.  So pleased with it - just need a man with long ladders so it can be hung in my stairwell - the only place in the house where it is possible to get far enough away from it to appreciate it Rolling Eyes Might be spending some time sitting on the stairs in the future .............

Met a former work colleague for lunch today - very nice too see her and even nicer to learn that nothing changes Laughing  However, something in the sandwich not quite right and I am now indisposed so I have had to cry off a Christmas dinner this evening. Sad

Hope you are all well and pacing yourselves for the festivities

oh dear Mickie =sorry to hear that you are not well and having to miss a xmas dinner  Sad  hope you are better soon.
I managed to pull a muscle at Zumba today -but at least it doesn't stop me eating.Laughing  Should be ok in a couple of days I hope
Day in tomorrow and plan to finish ATCS and play with more of my That's Crafty stash

Sorry to hear that Mickie hope you are ok now but missing a Christmas meal what a shame.
Hope your pulled muscle settles quickly Vonny
The light show is at my Son's house he decorates it with 1000's of light's and then he adds music  and it all changes colours and flashes and is lovely to watch he does it for charity this year it is for a cancer one.
We have the sun shining but cold I am staying in and doing some crafting, xx

that sounds good Becky =provided you don't live too near  Smile Great idea to do it for charity.
all ATCs done and a few cards -used some of the scraps lurking on my work table as I gave it a xmas tidy!

Feeling much better - everything settled down in the wee small hours of this morning.  Really pleased as I have a dinner tonight I should hate to miss out on.  Will forgo the wine and live in hopes all will be well.  Have another dinner tomorrow night too Rolling Eyes

It is great that your son is doing all this for charity Becky.  Good for him!  Wish we could all see the show.

There is a village nearby where everyone illuminates their houses and gardens and the church and anything that doesn't move.  Really magical and worth driving out to see.  They do this for charity too  Great to see a whole community working together.

Vonny you can come and tidy my desk anytime!  I should be amazed at what can be found...............never mind you Laughing  Laughing

Not sending so many Christmas cards this year but I seem to be continually writing them Rolling Eyes

Mickie I seem to be having that problem - sending out fewer cards but constantly writing them!
Isn't time flying? Can't believe how fast it is all going, have managed to miss two deadlines for the Craft Barn challenge  Confused  Shall have to try and catch up this weekend.

Breezy here today but at least the sun was shining. Was watching the starlings come in to roost, it is absolutely mesmerising and there appear to be thousands of them.

Well I have just "done" Christmas in three days ........ Laughing All cards written, letters written, presents wrapped, everything posted and everything else ready for delivery. I even managed to "click" at Tesco's for the collect next Wednesday. Who says you need six weeks  Laughing mind you I have been getting up at 6 am!

That's my last duty performed tonight as director of the panto - photograph night and return of the costumes. Phew .......... after a whole year of work it is finally over. It has all gone very well and I know some of you have seen the photographs on FB.

We are on the boat tomorrow night for a weekend in Kirriemuir with the grandchildren (and Mum and Dad too!). Back on Tuesday morning, but we are going to St. Andrews on Sunday to see the professional panto Aladdin. It will be very interesting as I have never seen a panto outside Shetland!

Have a great weekend everyone x

enjoy the peace of the boat Jennie -And I hope the panto is as good as yours!
Mickie glad you are feeling better
Rusticus it is good to hear that there are still lots of starlings around.

Met with a friend today -I did some spinning and she had a new loom that she had just started using. she had also made a village of houses using dies and put battery powered night lights in each one -looked magical

Morning all can't believe you have never been to a Panto Jennie and so pleased your was a success.
Glad you are feeling better Mickie and it didn't hang around for long.
Didn't realise the UK stamper forum had closed all together I have just joined it on FB.
I am having a day in and hopefully the weekend really need to recharge my batteries before Xmas.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

Becky hadn't realised that UK Stampers were still on FB, thought that had closed too. I don't 'do' FB though.

I hope you have a lovely sail and a great time with the grandchildren Jennie. Enjoy the panto too!

I had great plans to make quite a few Christmas cards and bought some lovely stamps but I have managed to make one! Confused  I wish that I had an extra room in our bungalow for my craft room - I have a craft shed out in the back yard but it isn't always inviting during the winter to scurry across the yard with a cuppa when it is pouring with rain and trying to get the bolts undone before I am soaked through.  Also our little dog of 12 months seems to think she is my shadow and has to be out with me but then she fidgets around and finds things to chew but if I leave her with my hubby he doesn't  hear her if she needs to go out! Hey ho!

We have a 3 bedroom bungalow but have to keep two rooms available for family Confused Wonder if I could persuade them that the shed would make a lovely bedroom????!!! Smile
margaret rorie

I'm writing this on the ferry on the way down to Orkney for Xmas and New Year. It seems to have been really busy these last weeks between my course and the house so I'll be glad to have a break. I packed up so much to take down that I did think we wouldn't get it all in the car - but we did! It seemed like a good chance to take more stuff down. Looking forward to putting up some decorations in our Orkney house.

Haven't had time to do much crafting recently - hope to get another ATC done but can't find my brayer which must be in a box!

You all sound as if you're very busy - hope you enjoy your trip away Jennie and that you all have a good weekend.

It has only just gone on to FB  Rusticus one of my son's lived in the garden shed and was really cosy he had his own kettle and a fruit machine it meant he had his own space.

Oh wow Jennie!  I thought I was the only one who has never been to a panto.  Hope you enjoy the one in Aberdeen.

A friend of mine has just converted his shed into a "getaway".  He has lined the walls with insulation and fixed a second "skin" over on the inside using ply and installed a small wood burning stove.  

I paint with another friend in her Studio, which also started life as a shed.  This one has a power supply from the house, an oil filled radiator and running water with a sink so no having to rush up to the house to wash brushes out, make a cuppa, etc!  I have a small shed with an area of decking in front of it and I sit out there when I'm using pastels, or inside if it is raining or windy!

Hope you get some inspiration for your shed from that lot Rusticus Laughing

My shed has insulation on all walls, ceiling and floor Smile It also has power and an oil filled radiator there is running water in the garage next door. My shed is so stuffed that it would be difficult to find enough space for a kettle!

I like the idea of using the shed for visitors Rusticus -perhaps tho you could just have one guest room?
Sounds like you will get to have a good break in Orkney Margaret -good to take as much as you can with you
-UKStampers -I don't do FB either but have seen Sid's blog (harpie38) -he has been trying to contact the lady who set the forum up so he can take it over
Rather tired today as out at a line dancing Xmas party last night and coppicing in the woods all day today (well until 1.30 when we started cooking the jacket potatoes and mulled wine!!) -going to take it easy tomorrow  Smile

Another ex UK Stamper who doesn't do FB here.
We put a unit in our shed that heats or cools depending on the temperature but the walk to the shed can be quite an effort on these cold mornings ( we have a bike and a multigym in there). I went to a local am-dram panto last week. It was a fun evening and proceeds went to a local community organisation. The day before I helped with a Christmas lunch for @ 50 seniors ( did lots of washing up) but we all managed to sit and have lunch so I'm feeling quite festive now.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Yes that is it exactly Rukhshana - the walk to the shed!! When it is cold or heavily raining there is no enthusiasm Smile  I have to remember to go to the shed 10 minutes ahead of time to switch the heater on so that it is warm in there!

Well done on the washing up for all those lunches Shocked

Heck Vonny coppicing is hot hard work at the best of times but not usually recommended after a Xmas party Very Happy  Hope you enjoyed the baked potatoes and mulled wine.

no coppicing occurred after the mulled wine Rusticus -I think one chap was going to drink it dry then watch the fire go out!
I agree -well dpone with all the washing up Scrapmate -it is good to be feeling festive Smile Forum Index -> General
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