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Morning all well the countdown as began delivering pressies today so have put slow cooker on so don't have to worry about tea. x
margaret rorie

I'm sitting in the library writing this as we're now in Orkney for the festive season. Think I'm organised for Xmas - we go to my sister's on Xmas day so no cooking!

Congrats Jennie on your wonderful news - you will be busy!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! Margaret

Busy day today - lunching with friends, delivering cards and last minute Christmas shopping (I thought I'd done Rolling Eyes).

Its been blowing a hooley all day too with what I can only describe as gusts of driving rain.

Enjoy your Christmas Margaret

sounds like you are all sorted then Margaret  Smile
colder today but sunny at first then got wet and windy. Went line dancing then tried a project for next years art and craft group. Going to the library knitting group tomorrow but not sure if there will be anyone else there

Evening all.....well... I am finally feeling 'normal'.  I've had a ridiculous few week sat work - I worked 11 very long days in a row to move my branch and then finished on the 18th for Christmas.

I spent the 19th feeling like a zombie; the 20th doing housework to catch up.  Yesterday I did more housework and started getting everything ready for Christmas and today I was in the supermarket at 7 a.m. and then was exhausted!! lol!!

I go back to work on my birthday but it means I get 2 weeks off - and hopefully some craft time!!

I hope you are all well.....  I am looking forward to a new year.  I finished last week by appointing 2 people - one in Cardiff and one in Plymouth - which should take some pressure off me.

Looking forward to catching up with all that you have been up to.


A quick hello and so sorry not to have been around. Mainly due to doing the work for CHA but that has all now been posted (phew!) and .. more thunder and lightning which had knocked us out again  Crying or Very sad but we think it was the Tingwall exchange again this time. It really is getting a daily occurrence! There was a flash of lightning at tea time tonight and it was a quick dive for the off switch - Terry dived for the TV and I for the computer. We have it down to a fine art now  Laughing

Glad to hear that you now have some rest days Miriam - my days of working 11 days or more  in a row are long gone, but I do appreciate (and remember) the tiredness. I hope things improve for you in the New Year.

Glad to hear you got to Orkney Margaret - with these current winds the north boats seem all over the place!

Glad to hear that you are still enjoying festive food Mickie !

Morning all you are all so busy glad you survived the long hours Miriam now take time to chill. Having fun with the net must be a pain for you Jennie especially with your project work.
Have a busy day taking Mum for eye check up then shopping then delivering pressies and then home to put my feet up. x

Having a lovely day - the sun is shining and I cannot stop grinning because one of my oldest friends (33 years standing) has just received the all clear following months of intensive cancer treatment.  

Today life is good Laughing

Right, shall now get back to cleaning the house prior to putting up the cards and decs.  Fa la la la la la la la........... Laughing

Have a good day everyone

good news for your friend Mickie  Very Happy Also good to hear you are going to get a couple of weeks rest Miriam -lets hope those new staff really help out in the New Year.
The lightning must be a real pain Jennie -tho I did smile at the image of you both diving across the room for switches!
Lovely and sunny here today so went for a walk -still windy but not so blustery. Does get the washing dry provided you peg it on well!
Did a bit of stamping this afternoon and hoping to go on a little shopping spree tomorrow  Smile

That's great news Mickie - the best sort of Christmas present!!

Look forward to seeing what you have been creating for CHA Jennie.

Hope the eye check went ok Becky.

I have carried on cooking and baking today.  Want to nip out but am a bit afraid of how busy the shops will be!!

Hope you get your last minute shopping done easily Miriam.  I went shopping last night for final bits and ends and it was very quiet

Well done Jennie, think you must be ready for the break.  Looking forward to seeing what you have done.  Hope the lightening has stopped now or you have a good supply of candles Laughing

Hope your mum's eye check went well Becky.  Is she able to do without specs now?  

Sarah it was good to see hear from you.  Will you be able to join in the circle tg book do you think?

The day started off lovely and sunny but its now turned to rain and a bit gloomy.  I guess I'll just have to put the Christmas lights on but will draw the line at rocking around the tree Laughing  Actually I have friends coming round for wine and tapas later on this afternoon so that might yet change

yep can picture you rocking round the tree late Mickie  Laughing

Evening all....I hope you have had  a good few days.

Yesterday was just me and Dan (and Sid)....which was perfect - relaxed and enjoyable.  Father Christmas brought me some lovely pressies - including a gorgeous Tiffany necklace Smile - though I only had 1 craft related product (which I'm amazed at!!).

Today we went to Cardiff to see my family and tomorrow we are off to see StarWars - in 3d!!  I'm not a StarWars fan but does loves it - I'm sure I will enjoy it once I'm there.

Sat now watching TV and drinking wine!!

Morning ladies. Great news about your friend Mickie what a fab Christmas present she can have. Hope the weather has been better to you over Christmas Jennie.You are one lucky girl Miriam to get a Tiffany necklace.
Mum's eye test did not go well and she has now got wet macular degeneration instead of dry so will be back to hosp  for more treatment.  I have had 3 long days  great days but  I have now locked myself in the house for 2 whole days.I didn't get any craft stuff but might get some in the sales at some time. x

Oooh Miriam - A Tiffany necklace - how fabulous is that?!  You are a very lucky girl indeed Laughing

I'm sorry your mum's op didn't have  good outcome Becky.  Will there be many hospital visits involved now?  Must be quite upsetting for you all.  Hope you haven't overdone it again and that you have had a really lazy day today

I have been tidying my craft room today listening to a book - nice and peaceful.    Feel quite relaxed and hope to keep up to it through the year.  Still have to search for things but not nearly as frantically as before Laughing

Hope you managed to have power for Christmas Jennie.  Although the dash for the off switches and the candles must go some way in keeping the seasonal calories at bay Wink

glad you got to relax over xmas miriam -lucky you with the gifts too!
Sorry to her about your mum Becky -let's hope the treatment will help. Hope you are having some chilled time now.
Mickie you sound like you are getting very organised -hopefully you will have to spend less time searching and have more for creating  Smile
I have had a bit of time for stamping and trying out some of the stamps I bought on my birthday  Smile

Sorry to hear about your mum Becky.

Mickie - how organised....I really need to have a tidy.

I have been a bit naughty and treated myself to some Paper Artsy goodies in their sale Smile

We went to see StarWars tonight - not my cup of tea but it was a good movie!

Need to get crafting tomorrow - and make room for the PaperArtsy goodies! Forum Index -> General
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