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Line dancing as usual today -learnt an easy fun dance. Went for a coffee with a few of the ladies afterwards- good to get to know people a bit better.
Not much on for the next couple of days so can get on with various projects

Well I thought I had posted on Monday guess I didn't we are busy this week delivering pressies have the last to do today then a bit of food shopping tomorrow we don't need a lot as we are out Xmas day and boxing day but roll on Friday because I am having a day in. it is wet and cold her today. x

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  I thought I'd posted on Monday too Becky...........obviously not Rolling Eyes  ........................or is there an elf on the shelf...................?

Had a super day yesterday - we moved Arty Monday to Tuesday and instead of passing Lidl en route I called in and bought a selection of Christmas goodies.  when I checked my basket I realised I'd over catered and instead of putting it all back I rang my friend, who normally provides us with lunch, and told her not to as I would be bringing it it turned into a bit of a party and when we finally broke up at around 5pm we hadn't lifted a paintbrush but we had had much laughter and also put the world to rights Wink   No need to worry about 2017  Laughing  Laughing

Miserable day here - cold, wet and windy.  I'm really glad I don't have to go anywhere.  A little gentle crafting for me I think

glad you've sorted that for us Mickie -sounds like you had a great time.
Weird that you both thought you had posted but they disappeared- i had this on the ATC thread too- must keep an eye on things!
Not being doing much other than a few chores today and it's nearly 2.00pm already  Shocked

Your post made me smile Mickie when I go crafting with friends we often have days like that.
It is cold and foggy here this morning. We have food shopping to do and hope to catch up with DIL and kids but once I get back I am not leaving the house till Saturday. x
margaret rorie

Just a quick post to wish you all a very merry Christmas - I'm in Orkney now and don't have much access to the internet.  My phone worked last time we were here but doesn't seem to pick up the internet this time so I'm in the Library.  I'm glad we came down last week as the forecast is very bad for the next few days as Storm Barbara comes across so there will be lots of travel disruptions.  We're spending Christmas Day with my sister and husband and her family if they get home - otherwise there will be lots of turkey to eat!  Not much time for crafting but I am enjoying reading some Christmas books.

Hope you all have a lovely time over the festive season.

A very happy Christmas to you too Margaret, hope your sister and brother-in-law make it home. Storm Barbara sounds ferocious doesn't she?

We had our daughter, favourite son-in-law and three grandsons here for for a few days. I had ordered some games and, thankfully, they arrived in time so  we all had great fun playing Beetle Drive and Shut the Box! The boys loved the Beetle Drive game.

A trawler dumped a load of fish close to the local beach last weekend and the smell today is not at all pleasant, hoping for some very high tides to wash away the fish. Huge amounts of birds have been having a feeding frenzy! The incident is being investigated.

glad to hear you are settled in for Xmas Margaret -and hope everyone manages to join you -and of course have a good one!

The fish sound very smelly Rusticus. I used to go to beetle drives with my parents and have seen a game with a plastic beetle -we used to draw ours. I recently played it with the group where I volunteer -it seemed to go on for ever!

Went to a local market to get some xmas cheese but they didn't have what we wanted (one local dairy is no longer producing their cheese) so ended up in Tesco, which is pretty sad really. Off to another market tomorrow but they don't have a cheese stall, but am hoping there will be a festive atmosphere

Good to hear you are settled and ready for Christmas Margaret and hope it is a good one for you.
Hope they get the smell sorted Rusticus I don't eat fish but the smell makes me  feel  sick it is bad enough in a supermarket and then my little mobility scooter goes whizzing by it.
Hope you get in the festive mood at the Market  Vonny I am all ready for Xmas all pressies are wrapped and of course we are not here Christmas day and Boxing day so haven't really had to think of food although brought a nice joint at a good price.
I am in all day today and I have a friend popping in which will be nice.

Hope everyone gets home for Christmas Margaret - I'm sure you will have a good time anyway.  I did smile at you having Christmas books to read, I was given a book called The Advent Killer earlier in the year and saved it for Advent..................I have so much time to read that I've only managed to get to Chapter three......... Rolling Eyes

That fish smell must be awful - hope it has gone now.  We had a dead whale wash up some years ago and that smell was, indeed, dreadful.

Back in the day the wives group always had a Beetle Drive to start off the year and as you say Vonny, it seemingly went on forever.  Some of us used to vary the shape of beetle by drawing different sized triangles and the like, or just write the numbers where the body parts would be................. this went o for years Rolling Eyes

Sorry you were unable to get locally produced cheese Vonny - I'm sure the supermarkets  could have a small deli section selling local products. Every region has its specialities after all.   Hope you found your festive atmosphere Wink

I'm feeling quite festive now, I have done all my shopping, delivered all that had to be delivered and am down to one final card to make and going out for a Turkish meal tonight to start the festivities in earnest.  Woohoo!  Bring it on!!

Why Turkish?  Well, St Nicholas was apparently a Turkish bishop.  And if he wasn't, well ................we're going anyway!

sounds a good reason to me Mickie  Smile
Market wasn't on but found some jeans and trousers to buy and a few things in the craft shop -popped in for a cuppa with a friend too as we bumped into her while there

Well that is a good enough reason Mickie enjoy.
At least you found something to buy Vonny  
Just realised we need some shopping so will get that done as quick as I can and we are catching up with Mum.

want to wish you all a happy and peaceful xmas and many happy hours of crafting in the new year  Very Happy

Christmas wishes to everyone from me too. Have fun with your families and find some time for a little rest amongst the feeding frenzy. We went to see the lights at Wisley and they were lovely. Love to all. Forum Index -> General
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