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Morning all I must say I am glad to get back to normal I have some lovely stamps to play with Miriam the stampotique ones Keith got were great he did get me one that I already have which is Uncle Buck if anyone is interested it will be first come first wins  Very Happy

Click to see full size image

It is cold and frosty here.

  Becky x

Living in hopes I am first Becky Laughing  I love the quirkiness of these stamps but haven't any as yet!

Hi Everyone! So glad to hear you all had a great Christmas. I am not too sure where the last week has gone!  It seemed to be a bit of a mad rush for the last couple of days leading up to Christmas and the cough and blocked sinus I have had for three weeks decided to get worse so I wasn't able to sing or play at Midnight Mass - very frustrating just sitting there!! So sorry to hear about losing your lovely cat Miriam - you must be missing her.

I didn't get inky presents but Terry had made me two Niddy Noddy's - Vonny will know what these are! They are for winding wool into hanks. One was very small for my spindle spinning and the other splits into two so I can take it with me to demonstrations (I have a large one which is rather difficult to cart around).

It has been very icy and frosty here although today is back to normal. We were at the cinema last night to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet from the Royal Opera House. It was brilliant and I loved every minute of it. Tonight we are going to see Exodus. We saw the last Hobbit just before Christmas too.

Have a safe trip back to England Mickie.

Yes you are the first Mickie stamp will be in the post for you.
Sorry you were poorly over Xmas Jennie glad you enjoyed the ballet.

Becky x

that mickie is just so quick!  Laughing
The niddy noddys sound great Jennie- I have a small one for sample skeins and a larger one that is a 70" wrap -it is an awkward shape as however you put it in a bag a bit sticks out so i mainly skien up at home.

Sorry to heat about your cat Miriam -we all become very attached to our pets as they are part of the family

Thanks everyone....

Sorry to hear you were poorly Jennie.

Dan went back to work yesterday and I am off until Monday.  Very quiet in the house.  Trying to get back to some crafting and trying to shake off this cold!!
margaret rorie

I'm having difficulty getting intenet access so I'm going to wish you all a very Happy New Year a little bit early. We're having a good time in Orkney now that the ice has gone we can get out and about. Having people for a meal tomorrow evening so busy preparing. Got the black bun made today - very traditional fare in Scotland at New Year.

Hope those of you who were poorly are now back to full health. Sad about your cat Miriam - will be a great miss.

I've just found out that the 2 Xmas cards I entered into a challenge have got honourable mentions. Very Happy

Hope you have a good time over New Year wherever you are. Margaret

Sorry to hear of your loss Miriam, so hard to lose a pet.

Also sorry to hear of your cold Jennie, hope you leave it behind on old year's night.

Congratulations Margaret, well done.

Sorry Vonny, I think it must be the time difference that made me so quick!

Am unlikely to get back online before the New Year so take this opportunity to wish you all peace, plenty and happy crafting in 2015.

Looking forward to another crafty year with everyone

Happy New Year to all.

Well done Margaret. Hope you are feeling better Jennie.Have a good trip back to England Mickie.


  Becky x

Happy New Year to everyone -and may your various ills be left behind!

I am starting to feel more energetic  Laughing must be all you good vibes!

Have a safe trip back to England Mickie and congratulations Margaret!

With every good wish to you all for 2015 - may the year be full of health, contentment and lots of crafting. And .. perhaps a chance to meet up  Very Happy

Happy New Year to you all. Looking forward to all the new challenges.

   Becky x

It has been a very quiet New Year here in Tingwall - lots of time to craft yesterday which was great fun. Terry has a good book so didn't miss me!

It is very dark today with heavy hail showers so more of the same I think  Laughing

We had a quiet one as well Jennie in fact I went to bed. We are going to see a panto later with my Dad it is Mother Goose haven't been to a panto for years so it will be fun.

      Becky x

Happy New Year everyone.....

Congratulations on your mentions Margaret - it's always lovely when our crafting efforts re recognised Smile

Have had a quiet few days - went to pick up Pepper's ashes today which was very hard Sad

On the plus side I have managed to get some crafting done (though not today).

Are you going to scatter Peppers ashes Miriam we scattered Mum ashes on Boxing Day which was hard but she is now flying around Salisbury Plains so she will be happy she use to walk the dogs there.

Panto was really good fun last night it is years since I saw one.

     Becky x

that's a nice thought -your mum flying around Salisbury Plain Becky.
Have been at a knitting group this afternoon and lovely just to sit, knit and chat and help people out as needed. Great way to pass the time.

Becky that is lovely.  Will you do something similar with Pepper's ashes Miriam?

Glad you enjoyed the panto too, Becky.  Nice to get to the theatre I always feel.

Your afternoon sounded so relaxing Vonny.  I love those kind of moments.

Got back yesterday, the flight was fine, if a little bumpy but on the plus side it was a dull, grey, afternoon but above the clouds it was a beautiful sunny afternoon with blue skies.  I looked around and everyone seemed to be smiling.  Gatwick was grey and miserable and the long faces were again evident.  Have decided flying is not so bad after all!

Off to tackle my tag and ATCs for January

Pleased you got back safely Mickie Smile

Hope knitting group went well Vonny - lovely thought of you sat there knitting and chatting.

Lovely thought of your mum Becky.  Pleased you enjoyed the panto.

We are going to buy a new rose for the garden and scatter Pepper there - hopefully she will do them good instead of trying to dig them up! LOL!!

That is nice Miriam we brought a plant for each of our cats.
Glad you are home safely Mickie your stamp will be in the post today.

    Becky x

Great to catch up with all your news.

A lovely thought about your Mum Becky. I am the same with my parents.

And a lovely idea for the rose in the garden Miriam. We planted a tree in memory of our old dog Sophie and her ashes and I always have a good chat with her while I am tidying up the grass and bulbs around the roots!

I started this morning with a huge long list of things to do - booking flights, paying bills, phoning around, etc and in between doing the washing and getting the tree and decorations down and hoovering I have just scored through the last thing on the list. A great feeling  Laughing

Thank you Becky - looking forward to that post.  Have had quite a bit of junk mail so far this year so it will be lovely to actually have something that I want to open!

Well done Jennie getting through your list.  I don't feel I have woken up properly since I got back but I have tidied away the Christmas stuff and am now looking for a box to put my JOY in to keep it safe for next year.

Nice idea Miriam to have Pepper close by.

like the rose idea Miriam -a lovely tribute.

Sounds like you got a lot done Jennie -I love being able to cross things off a to do list  Smile
Went line dancing this morning then to the hygienist this afternoon -sadly she is leaving and she has done my teeth for about 20 years! It was her last day so popped across to the florist and got her a plant as a thank you.
did some housework in between too. hopefully a bit of a quieter day tomorrow but think I might struggle to get up early to go swimming  Confused Forum Index -> General
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