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Morning ladies we have the sun shining but very cold must admit glad it is all over now and we can get back to normal. Have fun with your new stamps  Miriam I didn't get any craft stuff for Christmas but will have a look at the sales. Having a day in trying to take it easy. x

Sorry not to have been around to wish you all a happy christmas - more thunder and lightning and I had a stomach bug for the two days before Christmas which didn't help. I managed to be well enough for singing at Midnight Mass but I only started feeling better on Boxing Day. We had a quiet time, but did have Robin's lodger Mel from South Africa staying with us. Robin was doing a 24 hour shift on the Rescue Helicopter so she came to us for her first Christmas away from home and in the cold! She was great fun and despite feeling under the weather she was quite a tonic.

I had some lovely stamping goodies from Robin - his new flat in Edinburgh is ……. LITERALLY just round the corner from Stampers Grove. So I am looking forward to having a play today as it is wet and very windy!

So sorry to hear that your Mum;s eye op didn't go well Becky. It must be a worry for you. Have a restful day.

Shame you were below par for the festivities Jennie - looking on the bright side, you won't have put on too many pounds!  Glad you rallied enough to enjoy your crafty pressies  Laughing What a shame the lightening continued too.  The unplugging can't have been easy with you not feeling well.

It is a lovely sunny day here and continues mild.  The best thing is that it isn't raining

I had a look at the PaperArtsy sale yesterday evening but have not ordered anything - they are bringing out new stamps in January and I know I shall be tempted Embarassed  

Think I might tackle a UFO today.  That should keep me out of mischief:lol:

Morning all can't sleep so have got up. Sorry you were feeling a bit poorly  christmas Jennie a couple of the kids were bad. I am crafting with my friends
today x

Just popped in to say hello while things are drying. I am having a lovely day preparing some samples for the PaperArtsy this time - new stamps coming out soon. Love them !!!

We survived the wind yesterday but have worse to come tonight and tomorrow - hurricane force winds this time and then …… a rain warning for Wednesday too. So sorry for all those flooded in the north of england - it must be awful.  I couldn't sleep last night too, not just because the wind was so noisy but the boat sailed at lunchtime and was going to take 24 hours to get to Aberdeen. I just kept thinking of them all, including Robin's friend Mel who was here at Christmas and hoping that they were all ok. It was pretty awful apparently.

Well hopefully be back again before the new year - unless we get blown away  Laughing

Evening all.

I hope you are feeling better Jennie - can't wait to see your samples - I asked for money for my birthday so that I can buy the new stamps when they are released Smile

I have been having a bit of a tidy of my craft stash today - got through most of it.  I just need to go through my desk and what's on my desk.  I have managed to fill a box of stash to sell..... now I just need time to deal with it!!

sorry to hear you weren't well over Xmas Jennie but glad you are now on the mend -great that you got some good stamping stuff to play with.
hope the UFO got finished Mickie -I did a little stamping yesterday and started to catalogue some of the stamps that I have in ring binders- I generally have a good idea where things are as they are in order of purchase but there are all the little quotes that come with stamp sets that I forget about -so I have been listing those separatley -hope your stash clearnace goes well Miriam -I find this hard/impossible to do (apat form some of the CS freeby stamps!)

Look forward to seeing your samples Jennie.  The crossing to Aberdeen sounded fearful.  Hope you get some peaceful weather soon

I think it is very naughty of PaperArtsy to bring out new stamps just when we're getting over the seasonal spendfest Rolling Eyes............... Can't wait for them to come available  Laughing

Well done for cataloguing your stamps Vonny.  I store mine by manufacturer but still don't know what I have!  Shall have to take a leaf out of your book or just stick to one manufacturer (yeah right!).

The UFO is going quite slowly.  I'm finishing off the October book club book and it involves much measuring, cutting and glueing.  Then there's the December one to finish..........................Aaaargh!!  

As if all that wasn't enough; I am out for lunch again tomorrow!

keep at it Mickie and it will get finished. Hope you enjoyed your lunch.
Did some stamping this morning -mainly using Candi which I have to be in the mood to do as fiddly. then hair cut this afternoon -bit short round the back in the wind!!

Evening all.

Mickie -I must ask - what does UFO stand for??

I finished clearing the craft room today - and by the end of it was too tired to craft! Always the way.  Still - that leaves me clear for tomorrow Smile

I am hoping to get a lot of craft time over the last few days off!  

I did once start to catalogue everything by theme and then kept forgetting! LOL!

Morning all we have the sun shining here but very cold out. Keith is taking my Dad to look at reclining chairs today so I will find something to do that I can't get into mischief with   Laughing Hope all poorly people are better now what do you all have planned for this evening I will be in bed early so guess I will see you all again in 2016 xx

Lunch was lovely.  Not a Brussels sprout in sight.  

The end of another year.  That John Lennon song comes to mind "So this is Christmas and what have you done?"    My goodness, I wish I had kept a diary.  Here's to 2016 and may it be as fulfilling

No plans for tonight - I'll probably watch  a DVD  or two - I have a few that haven't even been opened Rolling Eyes

Miriam a UFO is an unfinished object ................... we crafters do seem prone to these Wink

Just leaves me to wish you all Health, Peace and Sweet Content (plus lots of crafting) in 2016

Glad you asked Miriam !! I was wondering too  Laughing Knowing Mickie's amazing social life it could have been something quite different !!!!!

At least the internet is now working, we've been a bit cut off with all this horrendous storm force winds and torrential rain courtesy of Frank. Not a good combination for a 160 year old house! A few leaks in the windows, but hardly surprising really.

I have been finishing off my PA samples today and am looking forward to a couple of days of playing - I don't get to do that very often. However I do feel I have had an amazing 2015 - so many wonderful and exciting things happened. So I hope it continues into 2016 and that you all have a wonderful and exciting year too. It is still Hogmanay here so I'll leave my wishes until tomorrow  Very Happy

Enjoy your evening whatever you are doing. Terry is baking Carrot Cake and dipping candles. I hope he gets things in the right order  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

I have an image of waxed dipped carrot cake now Jennie

Best wishes to all for continued health and crafting for 2016 -hope we all get to meet at Ally Pally!

I don't stay up for the new year either Becky-guess it will still be raining in the morning. not that we have had it bad. Some people are probably just hoping for a dry bed.  Very Happy

Thanks Mickie - I was starting to think that there was a technique I had not heard of!!  Though I have plenty of unfinished objects!! LOL!!

Pleased you have the internet back Jennie - and I'm pleased you have stayed safe in the horrendous weather.  

I've stayed home today - done alot of housework Sad  But wanted to get it done before the new year!  Dan is working until 9.30 Sad  It has meant that I have had time to play - and have made a start on my atcs!!

Anyway..... wanted to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year xxxx

Happy New Year to you all lets hope 2016 is a good year and doesn't go so quickly  Laughing I have not made any resolutions as I never keep them. xx

Happy New Year to you all ! May your year be full of creativity  Very Happy

Jennie x

Happy New Year to you all.

I didn't intend to stay up but was watching a film and suddenly all hell broke loose outside.  I went to have a look and the heavens were full of fireworks - it seems the people on the new estate might have been in competition with the town.  Definitely a sight to behold.  So good of the rain to stop just long enough for the display  Laughing

well done Miriam for getting started on the ATCs -that is a good start for 2016.
I made a good start on jobs that have needed doing by scrubbing some mould off the bathroom ceiling  Confused

Evening all.....

Well....I am back to work tomorrow - it has gone far too quickly!  

I have been feeling unwell the last few days - and still am - but it has given me the chance to craft.

I have completed the 1st week of Wanderlust - it totally took me out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it!  

Hope you are all ok ......

hope you don't feel worse for going back to work Miriam -try to take it steadily once you get back.
I will be back to a more normal routine but don't know if I will be able to get up to go early morning swimming on Tuesday!

Was up at the crack of dawn this morning for some reason.  Think I'm in training for "back to work" except that I don't go to work Rolling Eyes

Congratulations on completing this week's Wanderlust Miriam and Becky.  It looks like a lot of fun has been had by you both.

I'm sure I could never go early morning swimming Vonny so all power to you!  I'm hoping that the rain will stop and i can jog into town in the morning

It is going to feel a bit odd getting back into routine.  Seems to have been a longer break than usual this time - maybe that's because I enjoyed it more Laughing Forum Index -> General
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