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Hi all hope you have had a good Christmas I have but now enjoying a lovely day in and start thinking about packing for Wales where we are spending New Year. It is sunny here but very cold. xx

the fog has cleared and the sun is now out. Am having my hair cut this afternoon and will enjoy the short walk up there

We have the sun here but very cold. We are off out visiting family and a friend and while we are out we will get some milk and that is our day exciting or what  Laughing . Whatever you all are doing enjoy and stay safe and warm

So sorry not to have been around to wish you all a Happy Christmas. Unfortunately along with the horrendous storms (Barbara and Connor) there was loads of thunder and lightning so we had to have everything switched off for days. We also had a few power cuts too. Thankfully no damage either here at the house or at the boat but we did get 85 mph with Storm Barbara and 96 mph with Storm Connor !

Ive also had a horrendous cough and cold which hasn't helped so Ive spent a lot of my time curled up on the sofa either reading or knitting. But Ive woken today full of energy so I think I am now on the mend  Very Happy

Have a great week!

Glad you are feeling better Jennie hope the weather is settling now.
margaret rorie

We had a lovely Christmas and everyone got home before the gales hit. I'm busy now preparing food for Hogmanay as we have friends for a meal.

Weather here is very mild and quite unseasonable.

Glad you survived the storms with no damage Jennie.  It has been so mild here, I even went out without a coat one day.  Little bit cold at night though and this evening there is a huge red sky so maybe winter is on its way after all....

I've been a bit of a recluse this week watching a couple of box sets and making a couple of books, along with getting to grips with some UFOs - still have a couple of the latter to do but getting there Forum Index -> General
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