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Morning all so pleased life has gone back to normal and I can get back in a routine so today off for a blood test Very Happy at least it is not raining yet. Hope you cope with work ok Miriam and happy birthday.x

even had a gleam of sun today! Good to be back at line dancing -tho we had forgotten half the dances -didn't know chocolate afftected the memory!

Definitely agree.  Good to be back to normal.  You can have enough of a good thing Laughing  Laughing

It is like a summer's day outside and warm too.  My painting magazine came this morning and I sat in the warm, bright, sunlight looking at articles creating wintry snow scenes.  It was quite surreal

lucky you with the weather Mickie. It was foggy here first thing and has been cloudy all day but not too cold at least. Visited the library and got a book on ATCs which is interesting (was looking for cross stitch books tho  Smile ) then bought a couple of books in a charity shop (including one on  cross stitch ) So it all worked out well

I've been in Plymouth today.  Migraine got really bad again so couldn't wait to get home Sad

Painting magazine sounds good MIckie Smile

Vonny - sounds like you got lucky with the books Smile

Morning ladies well we have sun and grey skies so will wait and see what happens someone has said snow next week I do hope not. Enjoy the painting mag Mickie are you back to your course or have you finished on the 1st wanderlust video we learnt about brushes wow very interesting had to sort though mine and a lot were dead so have had to buy new ones will look after these ones and have fun with your books Vonny surprising what you can get in a charity shop you should see what they throw out Keith deals with the books at the shop he helps out in. Hope your head is better today Miriam and you have a easier day at work. Nothing planned for today not too good at mo but have hosp tomorrow so might get some steroids to help. xx

Agree with getting back into routine. Where as I could do without going back to full time work Razz I do like the fact everything else is open and back to normal. I don't like it very much not knowing what I can and can't do each day over the holidays because I don't know different opening times of shops etc. Now I know where I stand Razz lol.

Yes it is good to get back to a routine but I'm on a bit of a mission at the moment as I've heard I am getting my right foot "done" on 20 Jan and will be going down to Glasgow on 18 Jan. As the family (Adrian, Kirsten, Callum and Caitlyn are due to arrive on 24 Jan I'll have to get everything in place b before the 18th. Going to be fun !!!

Sorry to hear you are not feeling great at the moment Becky - hope the hospital visit helps. We've got horrible cold winds here with snowy showers. They are really sapping the house of warmth, so Ive got my sailing thermals on at the moment and am as warm as toast.

Art Group started again this morning - not sure what happened over the holiday (when I didn't pick up a brush) but I managed to do my first watercolour picture.  Nothing spectacular, just a grumpy old fish but woohoo!  I just might be getting somewhere with the watercolours

Art Class proper starts again on 25th Becky.  So looking forward to it too.  We are to start with pen and wash which is more of a mystery to me than watercolour ever was Laughing

Sorry you are feeling a bit rough and hope things improve once you have been to the hospital

Glad everything back to normal for you Rachel.  Hopefully going back to work wasn't too much of a shock to the system.

I did smile Vonny at your shopping experience...............not just me then Laughing

Goodness Jennie, you are going to have to go into Superwoman mode with a vengeance!  I'm sure you will get everything done in good time and can "relax" in hospital for a moment or two Wink  

Well, the sun's gone down so I think I'll close all the blinds and keep the heat in and then go make a cuppa to have watching Father Brown

Agree about shop opening Rachel -also libraries (sorry) and leisure centres. Becky and Miriam hope you both feel a bit better soon.
Jennie your thermals sound very effective! Does sound like you are going to have to be even more organised than usual. At least you know what to expect with your other foot Smile
Amazing what a rest can do Mickie -look forward to finding out about pen and wash as you do Smile
Next Thurs I have booked to go on a workshop about texture so hopefully there will be some interesting ideas - it is run by Country View Crafts which are actually based fairly close to me.
Today got some egg shaped sponges for applying inks -I tried these before and they were much better than cut and dry foam

Hope the hospital goes well Becky  - and they can sort you out.

Jennie - you are going to be busy!!  

Mickie - your course sounds great

Vonny - how lucky to have CVC near you!!

My head is still really bad  - work is a bit of a blur this week!!

Looking forward to the weekend - though I need to cancel my hair appointment on Saturday as my head is far too sensitive to be touched!

My there is a lot going on with you all at least Jennie you know what is store this time and you are having it done at the right time when weather is bad.Have fun on your course Mickie pen and wash sounds good I also watch Father Brown it is good.Enjoy your workshop Vonny I buy from CVC. Hope you are feeling better Miriam. I am now on a 6 week course of steroids and got to have another bone scan so fingers crossed I will pick up. xx

I buy from CVC too Vonny and agree you are lucky to be able to get to them for workshops.  They have some great tutors.  I have some of those egg shaped thingies too, although I find I still manage to get streaks.  The downside to them really is that you can end up with as much ink on your fingers as on the project.  Not that I ever come away from anything arty/crafty with clean hands Rolling Eyes I use Cut n Dry with acrylics if I have to cover a large area with just the one colour.

Hope the steroids kick in quickly Becky

Miriam it must be so hard to do your work with a pounding headache.  Hope your hairdresser can fit you in quickly when you feel better.  Try and have a restful weekend

Jennie you must be whizzing around getting everything ready so fast you won't be needing the thermals for a while Wink

Lovely to hear that you are doing a CVC workshop Vonny. Is it with Brenda? she is a very great friend of mine and we have spent a lot of time together crafting. We FaceTime a lot too and share different ideas. She is a very talented person. You might be interested in looking at the CVC projects blog and the challenge site - there are some lovely projects posted by the team. And you might see me there as well   Laughing

Bloomin cold here again today. Even the thermals are not necessarily cutting it.

I hope you managed to get sorted at the hospital Becky. And you too Miriam - a thumping head is awful. It must be so difficult to work as well. Hope you have a headache free weekend.

Right off to glue up another project  Very Happy

I have a workshop with Brenda in a couple of weeks Jennie she is lovely isn't she. It is cold here so I am staying in Wanderlust this week is with Kate Crane and we are doing a journal had to go and get a A1 piece of cartridge or watercolour paper cut it down and make a book I did that yesterday and have gessoed it today the painting starts. xx

Yes the workshop is with Brenda -and I did see your work on the blog Jennie  Very Happy I really didn't know they were near me (not bricks and mortar shop tho I don't think) or did workshops -the hall is only about 30 mins drive away and an easy route. Am looking forward to it even more now!

Used the sponge eggs today to make a start on ATCs -found that they really wipe all the ink off the mat onto the card and are very smooth -much less messy that cut and dry (still got some ink on my fingers tho  Laughing ) -Mickie they do bigger ones too! They are by Creative Expressions and the little ones are called mini smoothies if anyone is interested

sunny so went for a walk but very muddy as it rained most of the night -good to get out tho.
squeezed in a bit of stamping later too.

sunny so went for a walk but very muddy as it rained most of the night -good to get out tho.
squeezed in a bit of stamping later too.

Evening all..... where has the weekend gone?  Not really too sure!!

Yesterday I made a few cards for my Paper Artsy friends.  Today my friend Di came over and we did some crafting together.

My head is still sore though Sad

I hope that the steroids have started to kick in Becky

Jennie - congratulations on having your work displayed at CHA - amazing!! Forum Index -> General
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