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Morning all windy here but not as bad as you are having Jennie and Margaret hope you are all safe and warm.

Having my hair done this morning which always makes me feel better. Got some cards done yesterday and hope to do some more today.

  Becky x

enjoy having your hair done Becky -am sure it will look good. Had a very lazy day as been feeling a bit tired and achy but think the rest has done me good! Aim to miss swimming tomorrow then hope to be back to normal  Smile

Evening.... Margaret - pleased you arrived back safely.

I am really poorly today - woke up at 3 a.m. with a migraine - actually made it into work & do not know how I survived the day.  Still feeling very sore, groggy and sick Sad

Still.... long week ahead and I'm not going to let it get to me!  After last year I am determined to make this a better one!

Hope you are feeling better today Miriam.
Hope the weather is a bit calmer now for you Jennie and Margaret.
Enjoy your restful day Vonny.
We have the sun shining off out today crafting with friends then Zoe's for tea.

   Becky x

Hope you have had a good day with friends then ZoŽ Becky.

My head has been very sensitive today..  And started to hurt a lot on the way home as it just took me 1 hr and 15 mins to drive 5 miles!  Bristol is almost at a standstill tonight Sad

Dinner is in the oven and a night of rest I think is in order.

We have heavy snow forecast overnight - hoping it doesn't happen though it did just start as I drove home.  At least I know that it is not feasible to walk to work if it does!

Am almost hoping it snows in Bristol so that you can stay at home and get the head sorted Miriam.

Having said that, the forecast for us is not brilliant for tomorrow afternoon on and I've got hairdressing tomorrow!

Hope you all have a peaceful night

The snow didn't settle Sad. Head is a bit better today.

What made it even better was that I got home and noticed that the Stamp Attic has a clearance sale on line - lots of bargains!!  Just happened to fall in my basket! LOL!

Few more days!

I'm in Plymouth tomorrow so please pray for better weather

glad you are a little better miriam -wonderful how a bit of craft retail therapy helps!

Went to craft club yesterday which seemed very busy1 Started making up a Dorset button necklace kit -managed to get 4 simple rings done!
Getting ready for my volunteering group today and planning for the future too! Sun shining at the moment  Smile

Yes, it is amazing how crafting combined with a little retail therapy can cure our ills.  Glad you are feeling better Miriam

Getting busy again Vonny - don't make too detailed a plan for the future - the button necklace sounds good.

Gales all through the night - finally dozed off around 6.15am.  Winds have decreased but the rain persists so not going anywhere today.
margaret rorie

We had some snow here yesterday but it has now gone and we're back to wind and rain. I was at my book group at lunchtime - we're reading Bleak House by Dickens at the moment. We read about 7 chapters a week which is manageable. Then I have my yoga class this evening - I'll have to take it easy as my back is a bit sore. I over did the yoga in Orkney - it was a little bit more strenuous than I'm used to.

Working on my ATCs - tried out the deep embossing last night and quite liked the effect. Must get going on the tag and Xmas card.

Hope your migraine has cleared up Miriam and that you are all managing some crafting. Margaret

Morning all weather dull here but we have not had snow.
Hope you are ok now Miriam and headache as gone.
You sound busy Vonny and enjoying it.
I am having a day in then going to Zoe's tonight to dog sit for weekend have Charli and Bobby [grandaughters] staying tonight with us so that will be fun. Tomorrow I have a workshop Brenda Brown looking forward to that.
You all stay safe and warm.

  Becky x

My heavens that was a quick week! We've been pretty busy here doing some really quite ordinary things, but amazing how much time these things take.

The weather has not been great either as Margaret as said, but tonight it seems to have calmed down a bit - just the sound of a gentle breeze! Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Bleak house sounds about right Margaret  Laughing Never read it as Dickens is not my favourite author but perhaps I'll give it a go. I like thomas Hardy and Jane Austen tho when I am feeling a bit highbrow!

Sounds like you have a busy weekend Becky -enjoy the workshop. i was going to have a crafting day with a friend tomorrow but she has had to cancel so not sure what I will do now -I had planned to do some patchwork so it may still happen.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Looks very January out there today and it is colder, thankfully I bought some tins of soup yesterday only because I couldn't find a recipe for Pea and Ham soup!  Think that means I shall just have to stay in and do some crafting!

Actually, do any of you have a recipe for Pea and Ham Soup?  I have searched through all my recipe books and not found anything!

try the internet mickie- Mike gets lots of yummy recipes there.
Did some beading today for a change as well as trying to get my jumper finished- i need to make another crochet motif for the front then can start sewing it together.

Evening all....  sorry for being missing - it's been a busy week!  My head was bad for most of the week and work was really busy - not helped when a ceiling collapsed!  

I have a week off now and plan to do as much crafting as I can!

enjoy your week miriam Forum Index -> General
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