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Morning all another week starts I am in most of the day but will go to the village later hope my steroids are in at the chemist so I can start taking them and then going to hobby craft I brought some journal  there soft covers.not too many pages made by Daler Rowney when I got home realised they were only 1-50 so going to get more.It is dry here at mo not sure how long it will last think there is suppose to be snow this week . x

Well, not sure where the weekend went even though it was so very wet.  My garden is under water so hope it all stops soon and definitely don't want any snow.  That makes even more water when it thaws Rolling Eyes

Mind you, the drop in temperature will give the opportunity to wear a jumper or two

I wondered about those Daler Rowney sketch books Becky.  They could easily be used as signatures for a bigger book.  Think I shall have to buy some .......

Hope you all manage to keep dry and have a good day

It is so very quiet here no wind  Laughing and thankfully it has stopped raining too. I see that Terry has not moved the new dinghy on board Mrs Muir yet - I hope we don't need it here!

Another busy day trying to get all my projects finished and photographed and now on the blog. I've had 9 projects on the go but at least everything will be in place until the beginning of March for most of my commitments. It will take the pressure off feeling I have to get into the craft room. Again I am putting together bits and pieces into a basket which I can sit and do during my sit down time - some of them are left over from the last period of inactivity!

I hope you get your meds sorted soon Becky. It can't be much fun when everything hurts so much. Have a great week x

Got my steroids a whole  10weeks I thought it was 6 ☺. I see Shetland is back starting Friday. What a good idea Mickie hadn't thought of that but I have stocked up on that not sure how long sale is on for got some more paintbrushes little tiny ones x

those Daley Rowney books sound great value -expect you have sold them out now Becky! Hope the steroids start working soon -great that you have got 10 weeks worth  Very Happy
Had to smile about the dinghy Jennie -but does sound a good idea to keep it handy..and sorry to hear about your garden Mickie, hope it drains soon. We did have some heavy rain first thing this morning but it didn't last very long but I can see how awful it must be if it continues like that for any length of time.
Miriam glad you are getting some crafting done in spite of your head.
Went line dancing as per usual this morning but not much in the afternoon

Evening all.....

On one hand Monday has flown by and on the other I am wondering how it can only be Monday!! LOL!!

I hope the steroids kick in Becky.

Sounds like you've all been busy.  I have a long day tomorrow - I'm working in Cardiff all day and then I have a trust meeting after work Sad
margaret rorie

Sorry I have been AWOL for so long - I had a lovely Xmas and then picked up a bug before New Year which laid me low. Sore head, cough, shivering etc so ended up in bed. I'm never I'll and I can't remember the last time I was ill in bed. However I'm now on the mend and back home in Shetland although the car is still in Orkney. We flew up today as we had to get back to go away again! We're going to Glasgow for the weekend for some concerts in the Celtic Connections - our young relative is performing and launching his CD so very exciting.

Hope the steroids kick in Becky and that your op goes well Jennie.  Must have a look at your blog, Jennie, and see all the exciting projects you've been busy with.

sorry to hear that you haven't been well Margaret -these things can take quite a while to get over. Hopefully you will be fine to enjoy the weekend in Glasgow -sounds exciting  Very Happy
Knitting group then teaching some cross stitch today

Sorry to hear that you haven't been well Margaret.  I hope you have a lovely time in Glasgow.

I hope the knitting and cross stitch went well Vonny

It's been a long day today and I've only been home for half an hour.  Just had a quick bowl of soup!!

I'm trying to be good and start blogging again and so have scheduled a few posts Smile

Morning all sorry to hear you have been poorly Margaret and hope you enjoy your weekend will you be moving soon as well which is stressful. Miriam you do too much please try to make time for you.It is so cold outside now but I am having a day in so not too bothered. I have left some of those books behind Vonny  Laughing Hope you all keep warm and safe xx

Sorry to hear you have been ill Margaret -good that you will be able to make the concert in Glasgow.  How exciting is that?  Try not to wear yourself out, you will need to have the batteries charged for the move, which is soon?

You do do a lot of different crafts Vonny.  Good that you can pass on your knowledge.  

Good you are able to catch up with your crafting Miriam.  Do take it easy though.

How're you doing Becky?  Am hoping that the steroids have begun to do their thing and you have a lot less pain.  Thanks for the heads up on Shetland - I would have missed that and I do enjoy it.  Do you know what channel it will be on?

Jennie hope you are keeping warm and dry and all continues to go to plan for your trip to Glasgow

It has been a lovely sunny day here today.  Had lunch with a friend in our only Hotel, which was very nice.  From the bill we noticed that I had had "Posh fish and Chips" which made us laugh.   (Posh because the chips were in a miniature deep fat fryer basket and the mushy peas were in a small bucket) Rolling Eyes

Art club tomorrow so hoping that it won't be raining or doing anything else untoward

I am hoping for good weather tomorrow too for my workshop with Brenda  Very Happy
Spent today spinning then had a meal with my parents for my birthday

I hope you enjoy your workshop Vonny

I have just booked a workshop with Lin Brown for 13th Feb in Milton Keynes. I am going to go up the night before - really looking forward to it!

I'm not sure whether I told you that I went on a Paper Artsy day before Christmas??  I will post pics in my gallery.

Have a good evening all

Lin Brown's workshops look super.  You know you will have a great time Miriam and you, too, Vonny at Brenda Brown's workshop Laughing

Art group today and I started a watercolour that I hope to finish next week.  had a lovely pub lunch just next to Pevensey Castle which was very nice and then we decided to come home via Hobbycraft where not only did I get a couple of the Daler Rowney sketch books that Becky was talking about, I was also lucky enough to get a Sizzix Owl Die that is seemingly sold out everywhere else, plus a few other bits. So, here I sit, lucky but poor Rolling Eyes

sounds like a great day Mickie Smile

Hope the workshop went well Vonny:)

Not a great day healthwise but taking it easy tonight

Well everyone seems very busy and not necessarily enjoying great weather ..or health come to that!

I just popped in to say I am still here and just about got to the end of my to do list  Very Happy I have also been trying to get some projects and bits and pieces into my "basket" so that I have things to do whilst in foot up mode. Vonny you will be interested in this - I have bought some Danish wool which has a long colour change, so won't be stripey and I am going to knit a fair isle waistcoat with it. I may not finish it very quickly but .. it will keep me quiet!
Blues/greys background with a red/russet pattern. Just finished a slipover with some Lopi wool left over from Terry's jumper (not knitted by me but a friend who "owed" Terry for a drawing!).

Take care everyone and enjoy all those wonderful workshops and concerts in Glasgow !

Morning all you have been busy steroids have started to kick in so I am a happy person but it is so cold my bones don't like it  Sad . Glad you got some journals Mickie at that money they are worth stocking up on easy for taking out or away on hol think we are going to Sidmouth the last week in April so Dad better stay well. Having  a day in must do some cards male ones. x

It's a lovely day out there - really bright sunshine but oh so cold. Am going to stay in the warm and do some crafting!  

So glad the steroids are starting to work for you Becky.  

Love the sound of the Danish wool Jennie, it'll make a gorgeous background to the fair isle patterning

How was the workshop Vonny?  So looking forward to seeing what you did

Hope you are taking it easy this weekend Miriam

Happy Saturday everyone

Evening all,

The wool sounds interesting Jennie.

Becky - pleased the steroids are starting to kick in.

I worked a half day yesterday and then went straight to Cardiff as it was Mum's birthday - I didn't tell her that I was going and so it was a surprise.  We all then went for dinner in the evening.  

Today I have been to the hairdressers, which was well overdue!  After that I picked a few bits up in the sales Smile

Now sat with a glass of wine and feeling too tired to do anything!!

It's chilly outside though so pleased I am indoors.

Morning all boy it is so cold at least we have no snow hope you are all staying safe and warm  I know I am staying in the warm today got to finish some cards I started yesterday and a journal page I have to complete. x

we have snow to -an no heating!!! we had the first part of a new system installed on Friday and it seemed to work ok but when we switched it back on it tripped the fues box switch! luckily we have an immerson heater for hot water and a couple of small fores but nowhere near as cosy as central heating -had a hot water bottle in bed just like when I was a child!

Glad you are feeling better Becky and miriam you seem a bot better too -lovely surprise to visit your mum on her birthday
The workshop was fab -but hard work and I wasn't fit for much
h the next day which wasn't very restful anyway with the plumber baning ang thumping and running up and down the stairs. Did manage to put the finishing touches to the project tho and will take a photo asap. apparently there are workshops every couple of months so I have saved the dates for the year!

Hope you enjoy the Lin Browm workshop Miriam -I did a couple with her and they are amazingly well resourced.
margaret rorie

Had a great weekend of music in Glasgow - now wish we were staying for longer! Flying home today and then it's back to the packing as we've got a date for moving - middle of next month. It seems to have been such a long wait that I hadn't actually realised that we were leaving Shetland. We've been there for 35 years so it will be a wrench though nice to be going home.

Glad you had a good weekend and hope the packing goes well Margaret  -sounds like hard work  Smile

just checked out the workshop with Lin, Miriam -and it is at my favourite Patchwork shop.Threads and Patches! Isn't really in Milton Keynes at all and easy to find. Am feeling tempted with another workshop now!!

and I've just booked it too!! Will be great to see you there Miriam  Very Happy  -wish I had a spare room to offer you but it is my craft/PC room   Sad

Woohoo!  How fabulous.  This might well be your year of workshops Vonny Laughing

My friend in the village where I go for Art Group woke up to snow this morning but the rain washed it away.  We haven't had any snow,,,,,,,,,,,yet but I suppose it's just a matter of time  Certainly cold enough

Keep warm everyone

vonny wrote:
and I've just booked it too!! Will be great to see you there Miriam Very Happy -wish I had a spare room to offer you but it is my craft/PC room Sad

That's fantastic Vonny - I am so looking forward to meeting you after all these years!!

I have booked the De Vere Harben - stayed there years ago for Artsy Crafts Forum Index -> General
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