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Morning all cold but sunny here having my hair done this morning and seeing grandchildren later and crafting in between day done and dusted. Why does time go so quickly? What have you all got planned x

Its wet windy and cold here today and as I was feeling a bit under the weather I have been sitting at the computer with a hot water bottle sorting out photos. Im feeling a lot better now but not sure I want to eat anything just yet!

Apparently we have snow forecast from Wednesday and it is to get a lot colder, so time to keep wrapping up warm.

I hope your hair appointment went well Becky (I always seem to come home and feel much better when I have done it myself!) and that you had a great time with the grandchildren.

Had loads to do on the computer so I have had a very lazy afternoon messing about! Soon have to get suited and booted to take the dog out before coming back and getting the evening meal. I do get so fed up with cooking and coming up with ideas for dinner. Rolling Eyes

Rusticus wrote:
Had loads to do on the computer so I have had a very lazy afternoon messing about! Soon have to get suited and booted to take the dog out before coming back and getting the evening meal. I do get so fed up with cooking and coming up with ideas for dinner. Rolling Eyes

You're right, it's not so much the cooking I dislike, it's the thinking up what to make everyday.
margaret rorie

Now back in Shetland after a lovely break in Orkney.  The forecast is not good so I'm glad we came back when we did as the ferry will probably be cancelled.
I'm like you Rusiticus in that I have difficulty coming up with ideas for dinner. Sometimes I try to be organised and make up a menu for a few weeks ahead.

Our house is under offer again so hopeful that we will get moved next month. However I'm still very wary about getting too excited as the purchasers can withdraw at the last minute. I will have to pack more boxes though. Hope to do some crafting over the next few weeks as I haven't had time recently. I passed my last Viking module and don't start the next one until February.  Very Happy

well done on passing your Viking module Margaret -and nice to have a breather.I am lucky as Mike does most of the cooking - he does make a menu plan on the calendar but will just use it as a starting point -he also has a lot of cookbooks for new ideas.
Rather tired today after getting back to normal with line dancing yesterday then walking to the library for knit and natter today and then stitching group in the afternoon. Plans tomorrow depend on the weather.

Well done Margaret on passing  your Viking module and hope the house sale goes well.

Yes - same here regards meals. It's not the cooking it's the working it all out and making sure you have the ingredients. Recently I bought  soup maker and find that is great for clearing out the fridge of a lot of left overs. We had the "leftovers" soup tonight and even Terry admits it is normally rather tasty.

I was back at physio today and my knee is thankfully repairing well. I have more exercises for strengthening. Given that this chap normally repairs footballers, cyclists and runners I think he forgets that I am 62 and stiff with arthritis  Laughing Had to pull him back a bit on two of his rather energetic exercises  Laughing

I feel very bleurgh today Crying or Very sad this coughing virus is horrible. Comfort food is called for so there will definitely be mash today. I hate that fuzzy brain feeling you get when you're ill.
I love homemade soup and contemplated getting a soup maker but I find it just as easy with a pan and my stick blender. I have broccoli soup in the fridge at the moment.

sorry you are not feeling well Scrapmate -hope you improve soon.
I use a pan and blender for soup but don't have a lot of leftovers in the fridge!
Tried a new line dancing class today for intermediate level -people really friendly but it was hard work as all but one dance were new to me -and it was a 2 hour class! (with a 15 minute break thankfully). Am trying another of similar level next week on Friday
Needing to sit down in the afternoon so finished off my latest sock knitting and made 2 ATCs. Off to knitting group this evening

Well as I am not safe in the kitchen Keith does it all although I do a nice casserole in slow cooker. Congratulations Margaret  on passing your module and fingers crossed the house move runs smoothly this time. I use to do a lot of line dancing Vonny it is great fun. We are going to Dad's today he has a meeting with someone and wants us there so it is going to be a long day for me. Hope the  snow that they have forecast stay away or comes later when I am home and don't have to go anywhere.

Wish I had a live in chef!! My husband's go to foods are either pork chops or chicken so much so that when our twin daughters were teenagers were living with us they called pork chops "when in doubts" - when in doubt have pork chops  Laughing  They had a similar name for chicken too but can't recall it at the moment.
I use one of those stick blenders too and love home made soup with crusty bread and cheese - yum. I have some cold chicken so think we shall have soup this evening - meal sorted!!

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather Rukhshana, hope that cough clears up soon and that you feel much better. I hate that cotton wool in the head feeling, bad enough when I have only one functioning brain cell without the muzzy feeling too  Smile

I wish there were line dancing classes in our locale, that would be another way to keep fit and get into shape!!!  

Do hope that no white stuff comes your way this evening and everyone stays safe and toasty warm.

Hi everyone - hadn't realised that I'd been awol - time is just flying by.  At least I can't say I'm bored.

Had a smile at all you guys with your meal planning problems - on the odd occasion when I do feel like cooking I make double the quantity and then freeze the extra portions.  I never label anything so when it comes to choosing what to have I just grab a container - I've had some lovely surprises  Laughing  Back in the day I would plan out the menu for the whole month payday to payday and do a "big shop".  In some ways I wish I could go back to that system but I really don't have the time....................!

I've not had too many commitments so far this year and I have been trying to use the time wisely.........................completing the UFOs.  However, it seems that the more I complete, the more I find to do

Have you all seen the PaperArtsy sneaky peaks?  Oh my, oh my, oh dear, my purse will be emptied!  I wonder if the Chancellor could not be persuaded to grant a Crafters Benefit for those of us who no longer have the time to go out to work?!  Rolling Eyes

Well done Margaret for completing the module and fingers crossed that all goes according to plan with the house sale.

Hope you manage to avoid the snow Becky.  It is pouring down with rain here so am hoping that means no snow.  Also hoping we don't get a heavy frost overnight or the roads will be like a bob sleigh run in the morning.

I didn't realise there were levels of line dancing Vonny - I've always been hopeless at remembering sequences in dancing - must be a great exercise for the memory as well as the rest of you Laughing

Hope all of you suffering from the latest fashionable bug will recover quickly.  

Sounds like your knee will be repaired double quick Jennie - be great if he could get rid of the arthritis for you Wink

Anyone planning on going to the Sandown Park Craft Show at the end of the month? It's just down the road for me so I got my ticket today. Off to have a look at the PA stamps.

Like you Mickie I used to do a 28 day shop and cook! I can't believe I used to do that. Now it is anything that saves time : I love my slow cooker and the soup maker means I can get everything in at breakfast put on a timer and its all ready for lunchtime. More time for crafting !!! Terry is a great hip baker - he bakes and it goes on my hips ........

Glad you liked the PA sneak peaks. Ive been part of the new release but ours are not until February. All very exciting working with a new designer if a bit nerve wracking but they were fabulous stamps to work with and the new infusions colours are wonderful.

It's VERY cold here at the moment and so Ive been in the craft room all day as it is the warmest place in the house  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Well we did get a splattering of snow but it didn't lay so that is good. I am staying in today and keeping warm as it is very cold outside. Can't believe we are already half way though January, We use to do a big shop but as it is only me and Keith now we do a freezer shop once a month if needed and then little shops when needed.

Those PA sneak peeks look interesting. I shall have to wait until Ally Pally to be able to see them IRL. How wonderful to be able to get an advance play with the new stuff Jennie.
I made some T shirt yarn yesterday from 2 old tees. It was very satisfying and just about as much as my brain could cope with at present. I might do some more today as DS1 has junked a load of white shirts.

Do let us see what you make with the T shirt yarn Scrapmate

Loved your sample in the sneaky peak Jennie, not to mention the new designer stamps .   PaperArtsy have done it again! Yayyy!

Becky I'm finding the year is already flying by - although having said that, it seems to be taking me longer to do things.  Now there's logic there somewhere  Laughing

Fingers are still crossed for you Margaret Wink

Enjoy your day everyone

Rusticus- can't believe there is no line dancing near you (unless you live in the middle of nowhere?) -there seem to be loads of different classes as well as dances round here -even some in the sports centres. And yes it is as good for the memory as for fitness and a great way to meet new people.
mickie I had to smile about meal planning -you lunch and eat out so much you must rarely raid your freezer Laughing  -and a Crafters Benefit would be great!
Have seen some of the sneak peeks at PA and will have to go to Stamperama in Stevenage in Feb to see them IRL and no doubt being demo'ed
Had snow today so quilting group cancelled -it then had all cleared by lunch time. Turned up some jeans tho (at least it was sewing) and frittered away the day -I had loads of energy when I thought I was going out then it just left once I was staying in!
Off to meet with friends tomorrow for a crafting session and hope to get my ATCs done -off to pack a small selection of stash

Morning all very cold and crisp today we are off to see a Grandson and do a bit of shopping and that is us done for the weekend.
Not sure why we have been using W 18 and W 19 for this week  Shocked
Whatever you are all doing stay safe and warm. x

I suddenly remember last night that I am also Admin on the site! So I tried to see if I could sort out your photos ladies, but it doesn't seem to be throwing anything up that is obvious. I'll keep trying though!

Thank you Jennie for trying and hope something soon looks right  Wink
Brrr it is a cold wind today but mainly dry and some sunshine although there have been a couple of hefty showers. Went for a walk on the beach and our pesky little dog found some gloriously smelly seaweed which was liberally laced with rotting fish to have a good roll in. She has been dunked and shampooed but she still has the awful aroma. Not sure what to douse her with next  Rolling Eyes

I shall have to google line dancing in our area Vonny, I know there is some 'proper' dancing groups which I am tempted to join but need to check out transport as we don't drive/have a car.
Actually that is a fib - my OH bought a classic car at the end of last year; it is an investment apparently but I think it is an expensive new toy. Problem is that he hasn't driven for several years so he will just be driving the thing in and out of the garage and persuading others to take it for a spin!  As soon as it comes out of the garage all these blokes appear to croon over it  Laughing

Well where do I start... we were woken by the doorbell at 6.30 by a neighbour. Outside was a mess. A car had smashed into the side of ours and our neighbours'. Our car was parked parallel to the road but off-street. This car was almost perpendicular to it ( I still can't figure out how she managed to do it) .Our road is not wide and the two cars parked on the road on the opposite side were untouched. The police arrived, we had 3 fire engines to try and get her out of the car, the road had to be closed off because it's a bus route and the car was blocking the road. I just can't believe what has happened. The people from all 3 services were incredible, at one point there were 15 of them trying to help ( she didn't need to be cut out but her side door was smashed in and I guess she was in shock she was refusing to budge). She is fine (well she will be when she has sobered up)and was checked over in an ambulance and then taken in a van to the police station.
Looks like all 3 cars involved will be written off but we will wait and see. We have another car but my poor neighbours only have 1 and 3 young children to get to school etc.

Oh how awful ! Just quite unbelievable that the driver wasn't injured.

what a terrible thing Scrapmate -but sounds like no-one was actually hurt. Your neighbours maybe able to use a taxi and claim against the lady's insurance -tho don't know how payout works if she was over the limit -sounds like there will be problems for you all for a while -did the media turn up to hassle you too?
MY day has been very quiet - too wet to go out so did a little stamping then some spinning
Didn't know you were admin Jennie -Miriam sent me the password etc but I said I had no idea what to do with them so I think she may write a simple users guide. At least everyone is able to log in and use the site even if a few things need tweaking

have just deleted the unwanted photos but don't know if it will save the changes- I right clicked on the photo then went to view the element -there was then a highlighted line of text that I right clicked on and selected delete. And I don't have admin access so i assume anyone can try this -hope it has worked  Smile

mm changes not saved but might be if done by an admin person?

Oh Rukhshana what a terrible thing to wake up to! Hope that young woman realises how lucky she was and what a nightmare she has left behind for everyone else to cope with. Always amazes me what contortions and acrobatics cars can get into and do when the driver loses control.

Do you ever smile when newsreaders say the car lost or went out of control???  

Shall be so glad when this cold wind goes away. It still has a keen edge to it.
I have finally taken up the trousers our daughter bought for her dad last November! Do hate hemming!

What an awful thing to happen - hope the insurance company pay out quickly - your poor neighbour with three children and no vehicle for the school run.

Yes I do sometimes smile when the vehicle is held to blame but, it won't be long before that will be a truth - self driven cars will soon be on our roads....... Rolling Eyes

Well done for trying to sort the photo situation Vonny and Jennie

Quite a mild night out so far - be lovely to to have to scrape the car windows clear before I set off for my Arty Monday session.

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