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Unusual for me to be starting the thread off the for the week but just thought I would share my exciting news:

Today I am wearing SHOES   Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

It feels great. I am still struggling to get shoes on (I need a really open tongue/gusset at the front) but it feels fabulous!

Hope you are having a lovely time on holiday Becky and so glad to hear you met up with Vonny and Mike - photos ?????

It is such a dark day with rain and wind today that I have all the lights on  Rolling Eyes

that's great Jennie  Very Happy

PC now fixed after having Windows re-imaged -and for a fixed fee too. Have also bought a second hand lap top as a back up -just have to get the wi-fi working now!

Great meeting up with Becky and Keith -we hardly drew breath. Sorry no photos as I forgot my camera

Seems like a lot of eating was going on last week -and yes Margaret things can just be like bananas -they come in bunches!

Line dancing today then collected the Pc and now catching up with all the things I need to do on line.
Committee meeting for Craft and Coffee tomorrow morning and not sure about the afternoon

Morning ladies saw the pic of you with shoes on Jennie on FB love the shoes they look really comfortable. I said to Keith when we got in car we didn't take pic's I meant too but it was great seeing you Vonny and Mike glad you are up and running again with puter.Today the plan is to go to AFTH  Laughing and then into Harrogate but weather grey and wet so we will see.Yesterday we went to air museum in York and were lucky enough to see the police training they dogs 2 springers and a cocker they are drug dogs they use the museum every so often. x

Great news Jennie - bet you feel a little warmer too!

Miserable two days here; wet, windy and getting a bit on the cold side.  

Art classes started again yesterday - good to be back in the saddle but I couldn't believe how tired I was when I got home Rolling Eyes The subject was Angel Wings - not my favouritist!

Becky and Vonny you sound to have had a good catch up.  shame about the photos:wink:

The air museum sounded interesting Becky.  Hope you do get to AFTH today  

Glad you are back with us Vonny.  Sounds like the repair wasn't too pricey.

I'm off to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 with some friends tonight.  Haven't seen a film in ages.  Hope there is a break in the weather so I can walk down.  Exercise and entertainment in one evening! Fabulous

Mike just got me the DVD of the first one Mickie -enjoy the show and hope it isn't tipping down like it is here!!

Becky -hope you get to AFTH soon -the suspense must be killing you  Laughing Interesting to see the dogs training tho

Had a bit of shopping spree at Loobicraft in Leigthon Buzzard as my loyalty crad was full so got 15% off -Mike got a few stamps too (but no glitter). Also got some half price bmboo double pointed needles and cheap yarn from the yarn shop there which is closing -but will be taken over as a wool shop by someone else.

Nothing planned for tomorrow yet.

Vonny the first one was a lovely film.  Real feel good entertainment and I have to say the second has followed the tradition.  Came out with smiles all over our faces and I will buy the DVD when it gets cheap enough.  Maggie Smith's one liners are brilliant

I went to B&Q to see about a tool box on wheels to transport my art stuff and was lucky enough to find one in their sale that will fit in the car and hopefully hold all my paints etc.  Looking forward to its first trip out Laughing

Think I'm in all day tomorrow for a change; if its dry I shall be doing some pruning and if wet.......... of course I shall be crafting

sounds like you are well sorted with your new wheely tool box Mickie  Smile
I did some cutting back of shrubs today before the rain started then a bit of stamping.

Well it has been a glorious day here for a change! Lovely and warm and sunshine and blue sky pretty well all day. I managed a 1 mile walk this morning and another 1 mile this afternoon - pretty chuffed  Very Happy I also did a bit of pruning in the garden but it is so bad with not having any TLC since July I could probably work on it for a month and you wouldn't see where I had been. Anyway it made me feel better!

Yesterday I managed to drive the car to Lerwick - not bad at all, but a bit scared to go any further. It was lovely just going in myself and getting my hair cut without worrying about Terry sitting outside waiting. Nice to get my haircut too.

Good idea about B&Q for a wheeled trolly Mickie. I might even have a look here. I use a small trolley for my workshops - I can stack four/five boxes on it and it wheels in beautifully.

Hopefully another  Cool day tomorrow  Wink

Dreadful day today - cold, wet and windy.  It came down stair rods in the night.  So glad I don't have one of those houses with a wriggly tin roof - the noise would have been deafening

Glad you have the nice weather Jennie and well done for the two mile walks, not to mention getting the car out

I bought a toolbox on wheels Jennie - don't think I saw a trolly but they do them in Argos I understand.  If my wheelie toolbox doesn't work out, that will be my next purchase Wink
margaret rorie

You make feel tired Jennie just reading about what you achieved this week! You seem to be making great progress.

I've been busy this week doing training through Citizens Advice - it was excellent but took 2 days so not much time for anything else. I'm still busy decluttering as we've decided to put our house on the market and move back to Orkney. There is someone coming on Monday to take photos so it's going to be a busy weekend cleaning the house. Can't say I'm looking forward to showing folk around the house so hope we get a quick sale.  Very Happy

Must go and tidy up the craft room! Have a good weekend everyone.

Think you are very brave Margaret.  It would take me more than a month of Sundays to get my craft room viewable Laughing   Fingers crossed for a quick sale.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend

Morning all well I am back home got back at 7 on Friday not sure what happened to yesterday I was very very naughty in AFTH spent rather a lot
will put some pics in my gallery but what a shop and not a dies in sight it was bliss.I will catch up on all your news as soon as I can. x

Welcome back Becky - glad you enjoyed yourself in AFTH.  Be difficult not to really.   Wink

well done Jennie for all the walking and driving and gardening too!
Glad you had a good time at AFTH Becky -new you would spend a bit -hope it is not bread and water for the next month  Laughing
Margaret -quite a decision to move but hope it goes fast and smoothly
Lovely weather this weekend -did a lot of dyeing yesterday with madder and tired myself out rather so just had an easy walk and did some crocheting in the garden today Forum Index -> General
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