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Morning all couldn't sleep so up early we are out for the day catching up with friends.Looks like it is going to be a lovely day again so what do I wear. xx

I wore a skirt to line dancing but it was a bit chilly at first. Ok until the evening
Made some ATCS this afternoon. tomorrow knitting group then sewing group  Smile

You have a few busy day Vonny  looks as though it is going to be hot today it is suppose to be. We are staying in today I have some bits to finish off and a tag that should be in the post  Shocked  am a bit behind  Rolling Eyes I have ordered some of Tim Holtz stamps hope they come today so I can have a play with them x

Have just closed the blinds and will be spending the day a little cooler I hope.  Why does it get hotter at night?  I thought it was meant to cool down

Spent the day painting with friends yesterday.   I say painting; it was more like getting it to stay wet long enough to move it around the paper.  No grumbling though just nice to be able to sit outside

I'm a bit late with swaps too Becky - maybe today will be a good catchup day for us

Hello all!  I am having a most crazy week at work -  at desk 7-7.  Becky, would you mind if I post the tag at the weekend?  Do not have want to do it in a rush and in the dark! Sorry....

That is ok Sarah no problem it is only as I had forgotten to do mine I thought I would give a reminder. It is lovely and sunny here I have a hosp appt for my tongue hopefully I will be discharged and then scare is over. x

Don't worry Sarah I'm all behind hand too!

Becky good luck for today, will be thinking of you xx

Lovely ay here too.  I'm out to lunch with a friend at a new eaterie in Town.  I shall walk there and back in case there are calories involved Wink

Yeah got the all clear at hosp yesterday so I am happy. Taking Dad out for lunch today and craft club tonight just hope I can stay awake not sleeping very well at the mo  Crying or Very sad x

Really pleased to see you got the all clear Becky.  Think the humid nights might be a contributory factor to our not sleeping  Laughing

I think I walked off yesterday's lunch but it rained this afternoon so today's lunch remains firmly encased on my hips !!  Had my nails done this afternoon so feeling civilised again

Hoping to get some crafting done this evening.  Catching up has been a very slow process this month Rolling Eyes

great to hear that you have the all clear Becky.
Too hot for me again, especially at craft group, but everyone managed to make a card with a mosaic background that featured a Paperartsy flower stamp too -can't believe we are halfway through the month already!!

Thats great news Becky!

Afraid to say that my producing/directing the panto this  year is proving to be a bit of a disaster! I have one member of the cast in hospital and others with great problems too. Not quite at the hair tearing point, but pretty close!

A glass of white wine is great reviver ............. the end of another chaotic week of rehearsals ............ I have had to play just about every part this week  Very Happy
margaret rorie

Great news Becky!

Sorry to hear of your panto problems Jennie - enjoy your glass of wine.

I'm back home now after my holiday. Although it was only 4 days we packed a great deal in. Really enjoyed seeing the Hill House designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and we had an interesting talk about the College of Art by a graduate student. Saw some lovely gardens too but it was the wrong time of the year for the rhododendrons. Now I'm back to studying - this semester's module is the Vikings in the Northern Isles and Iris Sea which looks very interesting.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Cooler today and decidedly wet with it!  Hope none of you have been affected by the rain.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch in Eastbourne - hope they've put an amphibian bus on today!

Trust the glass of wine did the trick Jennie.  Hope Murphy cuts his visit short and you can carry on rehearsing for a brilliant production.  

Glad you enjoyed your visit to Glasgow Margaret.  The new semester sounds very interesting - will field trips to Ireland be forthcoming?

Have a good day everyone and keep dry Laughing

well Jennie  you can always do a one woman show  Laughing
Good to have a busy holiday Margaret, then relax a bit once you are back home. I admire that you can study -I tend to fall asleep over text books (and even novels sometimes!)
Hope you managed a dry lunch Mickie
Been raining hard most of the day here but went to knit and matter and did some spinning then worked on my challenge items in the afternoon. My parents are coming round for a meal this evening -but Mike is cooking  Very Happy

Hope you manage ok with Panto Jennie I am sure it will be ok on the night  Laughing
Planning a lovely weekend at home but just heard from my brother that Dad had a TIA and is in hospital he can come home today so we are going to go and pick him to take him home.x

What a change in the weather!  Hope none of you got caught in floodwater.  Today it is dull but dry.  Still humid though.

Happily I don't have to go anywhere so will be crafting the day away.

Becky I'm sorry to hear about your dad.  Good that he can come home.

Expect you had a lovely meal with your parents Vonny - always nicer when you don't have to do the cooking yourself  Laughing

hope things are ok with your Dad Becky and that he has settled back at home. Did some quilting today -certainly chilly now.
Going to the William Morris gallery tomorrow with my cousin and sister in law -should be interesting  Smile

Evening all,

Great news about the all clear Becky Smile... Hope your dad is ok xx

Jennie - you've certainly got your hands full with the panto this year!

You are all so busy.

so...what's happening from my end.....  I've been given notice of redundancy - hopefully getting another role there though - and it will be homeworking - so I am hoping to get some of my life back!  At the moment I go to work and am ill when I'm not!

I was lucky enough to attend teh Seth Apter workshop a couple of weeks ago but that has set me back massively - the current meds I'm on are not working and there is little more they can do!  If I do something on even 1 day at the weekend I struggle for days!

I am finally going on holiday in a few weeks - I haven't been off since last September - my week in Mrach was used up for studying!

Please keep everything crossed for me though as this homeworking role may be just what I need to get back on track!

Gosh Miriam that is not good news although it might be if you can do something but from home. Dad is ok and happy to be home with his dog Tyler it is a bit confused he is very frail and seems to have given up which is a shame having a day in and getting nothing done.

hope the homeworking thing works out for you Miriam -just not having to travel will help I'm sure. Hope the workshop was good even if it did set you back -after all you can't just work and have no fun.
hope the holiday is good -where are you going?

Miriam I loved working from home and it came as such a shock when I had to go into the office again full time.  Do hope it works for you.  In the meantime, how fabulous you could do the Seth Apter workshop  Laughing

Glad your dad is ok Becky. Forum Index -> General
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