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Morning all I survived the weekend but only just 8 puppies is a handful but so cute so glad I am at home.Had a brill workshop Sat with Brenda Brown did a ruler tag book will take pics later and show you didn't quite finish it.
Hope you are all staying safe and warm. Is your ceiling sorted now Miriam.

   Becky x

I missed that one - what a thing to happen Miriam.  Hope it was at work and not at home.  I'm just thinking what a mess to clear up.

Looking forward to seeing your ruler tag book Becky.  Sounds like a good workshop.  I haven't been to any since I made JOY at the beginning of December and I am definitely experiencing withdrawal symptoms Laughing

Thought we had rain again today but on closer inspection I find that the seals in my workroom window have gone.  Am trying not to dwell on how much crafting goodies I could have for what the replacement units will cost Rolling Eyes

oh dear mickie -sounds expensive -can you just get the seals replaced or is it a whole window? What with miriam's ceiling too we are falling apart at the seams!
Did some crochet today and think I need to start a big crochet project as i really like doing it.
Taking my mum to hospital for her physio appt tomorrow then lunch with a friend

Hope you had a nice lunch Vonny .  

Mickie.- these things are sent to try us!

The roof at work is still not sorted - I am on leave though and am determined to forget about it!!

Starting to take the carpet up in the living room so that we can finally start to out new flooring down - we've been putting it off for weeks!

Why is it so cold I don't like it.

Mickie I am doing a workshop with Mark Gould in April,Brenda Brown in May and the the retreat with Hels which is now Sept so got things to look forward to.
Enjoy your week off Miriam hope you get some crafting done.
Have a good day Vonny with your Mum and then your friend.

    Becky x

Becky you certainly have lots to look forward to.  I have a Mark Gould workshop coming up in February - wonder if we will be doing the same project?   I like his teaching style too.

Looks like you had a good day Vonny.  Have you decided on your big crochet project yet?  I made a single bed cover many years ago.  It was so heavy I could hardly lift it!  Mind you, it was lovely and warm

As to the window, I am hoping that I can just get the seals replaced but if not, then just the unit that has blown

How's the crafting going Miriam?  Hope the process of getting the carpet up and the new floor down won't be too chaotic or, indeed, interfere with the crafting

I'm out to dinner tonight with a friend to celebrate her birthday.  Well, she will celebrate and I will drive Laughing

enjoy your dinner out mickie -I had a lovely lunch they do a curry and drink for 4.95 so we both had this which was a Thai chicken curry and very tasty.
I have a project in mind already mickie a long fairly lacy cardigan -but I might change my mind!

hope the flooring goes well miriam -don't do too much!

I don't like the cold but I prefer these sunny days to rain!

Vonny, Mickie - I hope you both enjoyed your food.

Becky - sounds like you are going to be busy!

Flooring is going well - beading to do tomorrow and then we can start putting the furniture back.  It is disruptive though!  In fairness to Dan he has let me do alot of crafting.  Today I went to see Wendy and Caz in Wantage - I would say that I stayed away from the Stamp Attic but I had asked Wendy for some things which she brought with her! LOL!

I've actually really enjoyed being off work this week and having no alarm to get up to!!

Hi all glad you are enjoying your time off Miriam and hope you are feeling better for it. Had to smile at you avoiding The Stamp Attic that is a shop you can't avoid. Having a day in and hope to get some crafting done.

    Becky x

Dinner was excellent and as always, good to catch up with a friend.  Had the most amazing blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake.  Haven't had cheesecake for ages but everything else on offer was of the school meal variety and I didn't fancy ice cream!

Lunched on Wednesday with another friend.  Our local garden centre does really good fish and chips and as it was a miserable day we were able to mooch around undercover and plan our summer planting, thus allowing the lunch to settle.

The RAF are doing a low fly past around the coast today (or so it seems).  They look so big and make such a racket, it is a bit scary.

Back to my crafting.  Am making the covers for a new journal.  Have it in mind to do a technique theme. but can't decide whether to use chalk or ordinary acrylic paint.  Having said that, PaperArtsy Fresco paints are calling to me ........

Miriam it sounds like retirement would suit you very well!  Glad you have enjoyed your time off.

Vonny I like the sound of the long lacy cardigan.  What colour do you have in mind?

sounds like you are will be putting weight on mickie!The cardigan will i think be white or cream cotton -not exactly what colour the yarn is as it's hiding in the stash. more likely to do something woolly first tho!
miriam -I thought beading was a nice craft for you to be doing -then realised it's to do with the floor! Embarassed
Did some shopping in Luton today as needed some warm nightwear(!) and had a 25 mall voucher to spend -got some bits in the Wroks including a couple of books one knitting and one crochet as well as some fiction so quite productive and shouldn't have to go into town again for a while- hurrah!
Hoping to get some spinning done tomorrow and also finish picking up stitches to finish the neck on my jumper -wrist a bit painful today so not done anything cratwise today.
Have a good weekend everyone  Very Happy

Sounds like you have been having some lovely food Mickie.

Vonny - you made me laugh -beading - yes - definitely not the type I would prefer to be doing!!  Love buying craft books - could sit and read them constantly!  Hope you wrist feels better tomorrow.

I have had a bit of a headache today - can't shift it again!  I have just invested in memory foam pillows though - which I think are helping a bit!

Tomorrow I plan to help a bit with the beading then craft!!

Mickie - retirement would be fab - but I have probably another 30 years to work - how depressing is that for me!  I put the max into my pension and hope that I can, one day, retire early! LOL!!  I certainly feel better for not having an alarm wake me up.

You are living the life Mickie enjoy.
I have loads of craft books which I love they are great if you have lost your mojo.
You be careful of your wrist Vonny I wear a splint on mine when bad.
Gosh Miriam you make me feel old when you say you have another 30 years to work  Laughing
I have Libby coming to visit today she is being left here so have things planned to do with her. Then the rest of the family are coming for tea sausage casserole which is in the slow cooker.

   Becky x

Looks like you had a nice day with Libby Becky - I saw the pic on Facebook.

I have literally just sat down.  The flooring is almost done and we have been having a good tidy before we bring things back in the room.  The awful thing is that Dan is really messy and it's all his stuff as mine is tidy in the study!  I'm trying to convince him to throw things out but getting very frustrated!

I am determined that it has to be finished tomorrow as once we are back to work there is no hope Sad

Haven't had as much craft time as I would have liked but it's worth it!!

I have the same as trouble as you Miriam Keith is dreadful he won't throw anything out it drives me mad.
Had a lovely day with Libs and she wants to do it again I love having her she is just so big I can't lift her now but she came in her comfy chair.

Click to see full size image

I am having a quiet day might get some paints out  Very Happy

   Becky x

lovely pic Becky -must be difficult now she is bigger -expect she will need a hoist soon and they are hardly portable! Does she have one at home?

Hope your floor looks lovely miriam and worth the effort -you are right that if it isn't tidied before work then it stays as it is for ages!

Made a few cards yesterday and started on my CS ATCS so I can give the stamp to NuttyRachy on friday.

Finally sat down!!

Flooring completely finished and looks fabulous.  Most of the tidying is done.  Dan has a huge box of stuff in the room to go through P(probably in 10 years) and more in the dining room.  Will finish tidying a bit after work each night.  Shattered but worth it - though I need another week off now!!


Another monday morning the sun is shining got up bright and early got Cas coming in with Jasmine and Molly haven't seen them for a while so bet Molly has grown.
Vonny they do have a hoist at home for Libby but she came in her comfy chair my only prob is if she needs a bum change she is so tall and her legs go on for ever  Very Happy saying that we would cope somehow.

   Becky x

Yay! I think I have finally got into the site - I seemed to be shut out all last week. I could read your news, but not post anything!

Lovely picture of Libby Becky and so pleased you had a great workshop with Brenda. She is a very great friend of mine - I have got to know her well over the last three years and stayed with her in October for four days of crafting. It was great fun!

You all seemed to have such a busy week last week and very cold - it was here too and very dark!

think it is getting a little lighter in the evenings Jennie- provided the day is sunny of course! Forum Index -> General
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